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This Week in Social Media: Facebook Redesigns Pages and Ad Setup, Block LinkedIn Members, Google+ Starts Looking like Facebook, and More

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Carolyn Coates

Mar 17 2014

This Week in Social MediaThis week in social media brought significant changes to Facebook – from Page and News Feed redesigns to a more organized ad setup, Facebook is working help you make a bigger impact so don’t miss out on these changes. Google+ takes a step towards looking like Facebook with larger photos and LinkedIn updates the People You May Know Section and more. Read more about these changes and how they affect you.

1. Facebook Redesigns Pages and Home Feed

  • Facebook Page RedesignNew Look for Facebook Pages: The recent redesign moves company information to the left side of the page and the right displays company updates rather than the posts staggered down the right and left side in the old version.
  • Facebook News Feed RedesignNews Feed Redesign: After a year of planning, the new design brings different fonts, larger photos that span the feed, and a “People You May Know” section. The new design began rolling out slowly last week.

How do these changes affect you?

Both of these redesigns mean larger photos and more chances to get attention. The new page roll out includes post/ad information on the right side making it easy to see what’s working and repeat the success. Similar to LinkedIn, the “People You May Know” will give you the opportunity to connect with and grow your network on Facebook.

2. Google+ Redesign Looks Like Facebook

What used to be a small thumbnail image now spans the entire post when you update your status on Google+ with a link – a look very similar to Facebook.Google+ Larger Photos in Posts

Why does this matter?

Attractive images are important – it’s more and more obvious as social networks increase their size and focus. While images can get traffic to your website, it’s important that your content makes them want to stay.

3. Organize and Optimize Facebook Campaigns

Recent changes better organize your Facebook ads by Campaigns – one for each of your advertising objectives. From their, each contain their own ad sets and within each ad set you have multiple ads.

New Facebook Ad Campaign Setup

How can this help you?

These changes will help make sure you’re not wasting money in advertisements by setting ad set budgets. You still have total control of ads and the system will help optimize the best-performing advertisements. This could become the best way to get the biggest bang for your buck.

4. More Powerful People You May Know

You may have noticed your People You May Know section on LinkedIn went through a makeover with larger photos, additional insights, and the inclusion of pending invitations to connect. Find why LinkedIn is suggesting to connect with them and quickly choose whether you want to connect. Take a look at this SlideShare for more information…

Introducing the New LinkedIn People You May Know from LinkedIn

How can you use this?

This is another way LinkedIn is helping you connect with the right people in your network. To make more powerful connections on LinkedIn, remember that the quality of the connection trumps the quantity. Stay on top of your invitations and ask to be introduced to valuable connections.

5. Facebook Premium Video Ads

A select number of advertisers are experimenting with Premium Video Ads – 15 second high quality videos that will start playing as viewers scroll past (without sound). Premium Video Ads are bought and measured like advertisements are on TV.

What’s different about these videos?

Facebook is working with a company to make these advertisements as engaging, creative, and compelling as possible. Their high quality and critical review before sharing sets these video ads apart from others – all working to maximize your overall ROI. These ads are currently highly monitored and measured before they roll out to everyone.

6. Block LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn Block Member New FeatureA new LinkedIn member feature allows you to block other members’ profiles from viewing yours and vice versa.

Why does this matter?

If necessary, this is a good feature to have available. On Facebook, Company Pages can ban Facebook users but at the moment, LinkedIn does not offer that same feature.

7. Enhanced Call to Actions on Facebook

Facebook Call to Action ButtonsIncrease the traffic back to your website by choosing one of many call-to-action buttons on your Facebook ad.

How does using these buttons help?

Your ad text, picture, and button all link directly to your website – this button will give your audience more opportunity to take action and result in web traffic and conversions.

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