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This Week in Social Media: Pinterest Guided Search, Facebook News Page, LinkedIn Photo Sharing, and More

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This week in social media

Carolyn Coates

Apr 28 2014

 This Week in Social MediaThis week in social media brought big changes for Pinterest search making it easier to find content for you. Facebook added a News Page and Nearby Friends option – find out how they affect you! LinkedIn added photo sharing abilities while Twitter has a new line of ads on the way.

1. Pinterest Guided Search

Finding what you’re looking for on Pinterest is even easier now with the guided search. Available in apps on mobile and tablets, you can select guides to better find what you’re looking for. Take a look at this video for more.

 How can you use this?

Pinterest has over 30 billion pins and is growing daily – new features like the guided search will help you find what you’re looking for, faster. When pinning for your brand, rich pin descriptions are key to staying relevant in these new searches.

2. SlideShare Improvements for Mobile Viewing

SlideShare Mobile Preview

SlideShare (owned by Linked) has recent changes to optimize your viewing experience via mobile devices. Not only does the new app give you an easy way to view presentations but changes to the desktop site allows you to preview how your uploads will appear on smartphone and tablet.

Why is this important?

Consumers spend 89% of their media time on mobile apps versus mobile desktop so making sure your site and presentations are mobile friendly is important. Use the preview mode to see exactly what your audience will see.

3. Facebook News Site: Newswire

Facebook NewswireFacebook just launched a news page in partnership with Storyful to bring the top stories in sports, entertainment, politics, and tech from around the world. Showing up in News Feeds, users can get the top news directly from reliable sources.

How does this affect you?

Facebook is using an algorithm to determine the most important stories from around the world. Not long after launching the Paper app, Facebook is working to stay relevant and noticed by users. My question is if this Page will see the same struggle for organic reach like most users are seeing these days…?

4. Photo Sharing on LinkedIn Mobile

Snap and share a photo right from your LinkedIn app on the go! Start by clicking to update your status on your LinkedIn smartphone app.Share Photos on LinkedIn

Can you go photo crazy?

No – LinkedIn isn’t a network for pictures of your drinking buddies. If you’re going to take advantage of this new feature, stick to your personal brand image. Professional photos from conferences, work days, etc. are acceptable.

5. LinkedIn Sponsored Updates API and Partner Programs

LinkedIn strives to give you the best opportunities for your company page and recently added two new features…

  • Sponsored Updates Partners – helping companies improve ROI, this will give you the ability to create bulk updates, target different audiences, schedule updates in advance, and more. 
  • Content Partners – provides company with high quality, custom content to improve engagement and credibility.

To learn more about LinkedIn marketing solutions, click here.

6. Facebook Nearby Friends

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 4.34.07 PMIf you turn on Nearby Friends, you will occasionally be notified when friends are nearby. An optional feature, seeing who’s nearby means they can see you and vice versa.

Why does this matter?

Another opportunity to connect with your friends, hook up with them when they are nearby or make recommendations at places they’re visiting.

7. Twitter Ads with Website Preview

Twitter Website Card AdsThe new Website Card will increase website traffic and conversions according to Twitter. These new ads are rolling out slowly showing an image, short blurb, and link to your website. According to Twitter, Website Cards “make it easier for businesses of all sizes to drive relevant traffic directly to their sites.”

Will this be valuable?

Testing thus far has shown an increase in clicks, higher engagement rates, and increased ROI for websites. When available, test it out and let us know what you think!


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