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This Week in Social Media – Reach Boost on Facebook, Insights on LinkedIn Viewers, Promoted Twitter Accounts and More!

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This week in social media

Carolyn Coates

Mar 03 2014

This Week in Social MediaThis week in social media Pinterest lifts the limit of secret boards and makes it easier to pin on Chrome. With Facebook Company Page reach declining, a recent change could turn things around – learn how to take advantage of this. LinkedIn not only gives you insights on viewers now but introduces a publishing platform to users. Twitter allows you to promote your account while the New Klout offers personalized scheduling information with top content. Learn more about all of these changes and how they can benefit you.

1. Pin It on Chrome

Pinterest Button on Chrome, Pinterest MarketingChrome users now automatically see the Pin It button when scrolling over an image. This is a faster and easier way to share favorite articles, recipes, and more. 

Why does this matter?

Visuals are important. Google Chrome is the most used browser – over 56% of people use Chrome. Users can pin your images faster now – create interesting images for your pages that can become custom bookmarks.

2. Increased Brand Reach on Facebook

Facebook Tagging Brand Pages Increasing Reach, Facebook Company Page ReachSimilar to tagging a friend in a photo or post, if your company page tags another, it shows up in the news feed of your followers and the other page’s followers.

Does this solve the Facebook problem?

No, Facebook wouldn’t make it that easy. While this introduces the possibility of getting in front of more users, it doesn’t override the algorithm that decides how often you appear in feeds.

3. Manage Who Viewed Your Profile on LinkedIn

Get insights on who is viewing your profile – you can see how they found your profile, where they live, their industry, the company they work for, keywords that brought them to your profile and more. Click the image below to see a sample.

LinkedIn Profile Viewer Insights

How can you use this?

This is huge. LinkedIn can provide countless professional relationships and client leads -getting insights on who views your profile gives you the opportunity to act on these leads. Additionally, LinkedIn provides tips on how to improve profile views with actionable suggestions.

4. Unlimited Secret Boards on Pinterest

Pinterest Secret Boards Now Unlimited, Unlimited Secret Boards, PinterestHave you taken advantage of secret boards? Users now can have an unlimited number of secret boards instead of only 3 like before.

Does this affect you?

Anything repinned onto a secret board doesn’t show up in the activity feed or notify the original pinner. For your brand, use secret boards as a place to bookmark competing products or Pinterest pages you want to keep your eye on.

5. New Promoted Accounts in Search on Twitter

Promoted AccountsMarketers can now promote their account in search results – a new way to find and connect with your audience.

Should you promote your account?

Promoted accounts is a great way to build awareness for your Twitter account and the only legitimate way to “buy” followers. You can even target those who search for your competitors.

6. Personalized Scheduling and More with #NewKlout

Boot Camp Digital Klout, new kloutThe new version of Klout just got better by sharing when your audience (not users in general) is active to post accordingly. Topic filtering creates a customized stream with what you and your audience are interested in.

How do you use this?

New Klout gives you trending topics so you can get in on the conversation. Personalized scheduling and topic filtering gives you the content and information to take action and actively get involved to boost engagement.

7. LinkedIn Adds Publishing Platform

Members can now publish a most that will become original content on their page and shared with their network. Additionally, members can follow those not in their network to grow connections.

What does this mean?

LinkedinPublished posts will be a new way to grow your network and build your credibility. Starting last week, only 25,000 users have access but you can apply for early access here. We just applied and will fill you in as we learn more.

Stop by next time to stay on top of the latest news in social media! Comments and feedback are welcome.

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