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This Week in Social Media: Snapchat Adds Video, Add Intros to Your YouTube Videos, and More!

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Carolyn Coates

May 12 2014

This Week in Social MediaThis week in social media brought advertising to a new, growing social network you’ll want to check out. Recent additions to Snapchat make it easier to connect with others beyond pictures. Struggling with marketing on Facebook? Check out their new small business boot camp. Read about changes with Vine, YouTube and Facebook and how they can affect you…

1. “We Heart It” Rolls Out Advertising

We Heart It is an image-based social network similar to Pinterest with 30 million monthly active users – 80% under the age of 25. Generating 4.5 billion page views per month, We Heart It is unrolling the opportunity to advertise in feeds of those with similar interests.

We Heart It adds AdvertisingWhat does this mean for you?

Said to be the next up and coming network, check out We Heart It if you haven’t already. 80% of Pinterest users are over the age of 24 comparatively – you could be missing out on potential (younger) customers.

2. Snapchat Adds Video

Becoming more versatile, Snapchat recently added video chat and instant messaging for users. Check out the new features in this video.

How can you use this?

Keeping with the idea of messages that disappear, these new features are changing how Snapchat is being used. As a brand you can send exclusive messages, coupon codes, etc. with those who have added you.

3. Facebook Advertising Boot Camp

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 11.06.00 AMIn efforts to help small businesses succeed on Facebook, recently announced advertising boot camp, Facebook Fit, is their answer. Currently only 4% of small businesses are actually advertising on Facebook.

Should you go?

It’s no secret, you need to pay to play on Facebook now. Whether or not you’re having issues, tickets to Facebook Fit are only $25. This can be insanely valuable in helping you get the ball rolling. See more and tour dates here.

4. Add a 3-Second Intro to YouTube Videos

YouTube recently added the ability to upload a “channel brand intro” to show before your videos (you can select which ones). Learn how below…

What does this do?

YouTube said specifically this cannot be used as ads, sponsorships, or product placements but purely brand promotion. To create your intro video, upload the 3-second video as unlisted then select ‘add a channel branding intro.”

5. Watch Vine Videos Without an Account

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 11.23.16 AMRecent changes allow visitors to view public Vines without logging in. Additionally, desktop users can now search by topic (which the site lacked previously).

Why does this matter?

Vine videos are great easy ways to get in front of your audience. Being viewable without an account, more people will be able to find and see your videos. With the new search feature, make sure your Vines are described well with keywords visitors will use.

6. Facebook Photo Sync with iOS

facebookFacebook is testing apps that allow photos from iOS devices to instantly upload to a private Facebook album to encourage you to then share them on Facebook.

What does this mean?

Google+ added a similar feature in February 2012 – while they upload into a private album, make sure you know what photos are being taken and which ones you share.



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