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Your Employees Hold The Keys To LinkedIn Success

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Patrick Carroll

Feb 27 2014

A LinkedIn Page is a great hub for your businesses digital activity and is everyone’s first thought when using LinkedIn to drive business results. But no matter how strong and optimized your LinkedIn page, it will never have the same business-growing potential as your employees.  Below are 3 very easy steps your employees can take to provide value as your most important LinkedIn assets.

Write Recommendations:

Writing LinkedIn recommendations is a great way to pay-it-forward, help out a former employee or client and provide an effective boost to their profile. Recommendations also position you as an expert, an encouraging leader in the community and someone who would be desirable to work with/for. An office full of employees who write awesome recommendations makes a truly positive statement about your organization to potential clients.

Connect with Customers:

LinkedIn doesn’t take place of your CRM system but it does allow you another avenue to connect with customers and nurture relationships. Features like LinkedIn introductions and recommendations make it a powerful tool for getting referrals. Encouraging all of your employees to maintain strong relationships can bring about a massive improvement in B2B relationships and high-quality referrals.

LinkedIn Training

Post In Groups:

Groups provide the perfect venue for employees to showcase their expertise, offer guidance, and help position themselves and your company as experts. Employees that are seen as industry thought-leaders become some of your most crucial brand advocates and are able to generate business value far beyond their basic job description.

A LinkedIn campaign that takes advantage of an entire office’s LinkedIn activity is a scary thought for many companies but can produce astounding results for those willing to trust their employees. For professionals who are serious about getting more results from LinkedIn  join us March 21st for Advanced LinkedIn Training: Getting Results By Connecting. Sign Up Below!

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