10 Things Every Website Should Have

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10 Things Every Website Should Have

Allison Chaney

Mar 25 2021

Create a website that drives traffic and gets results with these 10 tips for what makes a great website.

  1. Clear description of who you are – Visitors should be able to understand who you are and what you do within less than 8 seconds.
  2. Easy to navigate – Determine the most important pages on your website and ensure that users can easily find them in the navigation. Large complex navigation menus will drive users away. Keep it simple and focus your navigation on the most important sections of your site.
  3. Compelling visuals – Humans are visual beings and our brain is used to process visual information. An image is worth 1000 words and can make an impact in a fraction of a second.
  4. Reviews or Testimonials – Reviews build trust and credibility with the audience and the search engines. You can improve your visibility and results with testimonial content.
  5. Clear call to action – It should be what the audience should do next and the value they will receive by taking that action.
  6. Quality, relevant content – This goes without saying but I’m saying it anyway. Your content must add value to the audience, and be relevant to your business or category. Don’t write a blog about what you had for breakfast if your website has nothing to do with it. Identify your audience’s pain points or desires and create content that aligns to your business or brand, and serves a purpose. Hint: Not all content needs to be about your products or services. This example shows a distillery website with recipe content. While they sell spirits, the recipe serves as inspiration to the user for how to use their product.quality relevant content
  7. Most relevant info easily available – Ask these two questions: What is your audience most likely to be looking for? What is most relevant for you? For example, on a restaurant website most users want to see a menu, get directions or make a reservation. Is that information easy to find from every page?
  8. Mobile friendly – more than 50% of all internet users are on a mobile device. For some categories, mobile usage is much higher. Be sure to design your website for mobile. In some industries you may design mobile first if your users are primarily mobile. Is your website mobile friendly? Here’s a quick test.
  9. embed social media activity onto your siteSocial media links – Adding social media links on your website is a great opportunity to grow your networks on these platforms. Take a moment to check that the links are active and correct. Power Tip: embed social media activity onto your website.
  10. SEO – Search Engine Optimization is critical for your website to be found. 90% of people begin their journey to do business with a company by searching online. Optimizing your site for the keywords your audience is searching for can greatly improve your visibility and traffic.  Our SEO Certification Course will teach you everything you need to optimize your website and drive quality traffic.

Whether you’re just starting a business and building a new website or it’s time for a refresh, this checklist will improve the visibility, user experience and results of your website.

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