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3 Reasons You Need to Learn How to Engineer ROI into Your Social Media

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Jan 04 2013

social media wordcloudToday, over 88% of businesses are now active on social networks, and the number increases every day. The question should no longer be “should businesses be on social media?” Instead, it needs to be “how can businesses guarantee that they will get results from social media?”

If you haven’t convinced yourself that you need to factor “how to get a Return on Investment” into your social media strategy for 2013, you’re going to miss out on dozens of opportunities for new leads, sales, and customers. Here at Boot Camp Digital we have done tons of research and experiments on how to guarantee to get a Return on Investment from your social media. We’ve put together 3 reasons why you need to learn about engineering ROI into your social media, in case you still need convincing!

Reason Number 1: 55% of Consumers Share Purchases on Social Networks

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are constantly sharing the latest updates about purchases that members have made. If you’re going to remember one thing about advertising, remember this: people trust 2 things in ads – people they know and people they don’t know. The best way that you are going to get people aware of, interested in, and trusting of your brand or product is by getting other people to testify for you. If you’re not engineering your social media strategy and becoming visible and likable online, people are not going to share your purchases with others, and if they don’t, you’re missing out on thousands of opportunities.

Reason Number 2: Over 50% of the World’s Population is Under 30 – and They’re Online

People in their later 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond are starting to get active in social media, but for those under 30, it’s not just a fad, it’s a way of life. Most of the consumers under 30 these days grew up with Facebook, and they’re only continuing to get more attached to networks like Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. If you want to market to HALF of the world, you better learn how to do it with social media.

Reason Number 3: 90% of People Trust Online Recommendations from Others; 14% Trust TV Ads

If you’re not worried about engineering ROI into your social media because you’re more focused on television and more traditional advertising outlets, you’re in big trouble. If that statistic above tells you anything, it’s that you better start worrying about what people are saying about you online, and let your commercials take a back seat.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don’t be. Social media is growing every second, but if you are proactive about it now instead of being reactive later, you are guaranteed to bring in the results that your company wants. Need some help? We figured. That’s why we’ve created an ROI and Social Media training class just for you – check it out now if you want to start making a difference and getting noticed in the workplace! 

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