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3 Social Media Trends You Can’t Miss in 2014 [Infographic]

2014 is going to change the social media landscape, most significantly for the social media marketers. Here are 3 of the top expected trends in 2014.

1. Google+ is going to become more and more important. As it lurks in the shadows, approaching half a billion users, it’s effect on SEO cannot be ignored. Google+ is doing anything and everything to trick Google users into signing up, however their goal isn’t to overpower Facebook. Google+ is connecting all aspects of your online presence and becoming a hub for your online activity. Again, you HAVE to be here. 

2. Facebook Pages’ reach are at an all-time low and aren’t expected to rise any time soon. Collecting more ‘Likes’ isn’t going to be the solution this time. What is the solution? Pay for ads. There isn’t another answer. Do you still have to create awesome, interesting, and engaging posts? YES! But you’re going to need to bust out the credit card if you want anyone to see them. 

3. Your most effective marketing efforts this year will be on Pinterest or another visual social media network. Even though ads are starting to populate our favorite apps you’re still going to get a ton of organic reach from your Pinterest and Instagram efforts. 

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