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4 Tips for an Awesome LinkedIn Profile

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Dec 20 2012

4 tips to maintain an awesome linkedin profileLinkedIn is probably one of the most underrated social networks out there today. Most people think it’s a fairly unimportant site unless you’re looking for a job or are just overly enthusiastic about networking.

But LinkedIn is a lot more than that. This social network is your best friend when it comes to brand building, whether you are trying to build up your own brand or your company’s brand. You have the chance to share all of your accomplishments and achievements with the world, and prove why you are an expert in your line of work. So if you haven’t yet thought much about LinkedIn – start thinking about getting LinkedIn training NOW!

The first place you should head to is your profile. We’ve laid out four easy tips that will guarantee you’ll be impressing everyone who stumbles upon your LinkedIn profile.

Tip One: Use Keywords

If you haven’t realized it yet – search is becoming more and more important everyday. Stop worrying about using big, impressive words and instead focus on the keywords that are going to get you noticed in search. Think about your industry, and what people interested in your industry are going to be searching for. If the words they will be typing into search engines or LinkedIn itself are not in your profile, you’re missing hundreds – if not thousands – of opportunities for new leads, sales, jobs, connections, collaborations, and more. Not sure where to start? Just do a little research – type in a few keywords about your line of work and see what comes up first – and what words have been used in that case!

Tip Two: Make Sure There’s Clarity in Your Job Titles & Descriptions

Thanks to today’s fast-paced world, people are used to instant gratification. If someone is looking at your profile and has no clue what you do, you’re in trouble. Don’t dance around the subject and try to come off as being capable of anything and everything. Hone in on the particular skills and talents you’ve acquired in your current and past jobs and make it clear that you are a beneficial asset to any company. People like things clear, understandable, and laid-out right in front of them when they’re doing research, so if your profile involves extra effort or extra thinking, they’re just going to move on. Use to-the-point words in your titles, and relevant words and “action” words in your descriptions.

Tip Three: Get Your Basic Information Up to Date

You wouldn’t believe how many people have failed to follow this extremely simple rule. Thanks to sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, people are used to getting new information by the second. If your LinkedIn profile looks old, outdated, and obsolete, people will just assume you are no longer active on LinkedIn. It also looks lazy and irresponsible, and you come off as not being interested in potential connections and opportunities. Always be updating your information, adding new connections weekly, getting endorsed by new colleagues and coworkers, and more!

Tip Four: Get Recommendations

The golden rule of advertising is this: we trust 2 things when it comes to advertising – people we know and people we don’t know. Although you aren’t technically “advertising” yourself or your business on LinkedIn… you basically are. And you can use as many impressive titles and words and background experience as you want – it probably won’t mean much until someone sees credible, professional, and impressive people backing you up. It only takes one second – just ask your old boss, a close colleague, or a past client to write you a brief recommendation and you’ll be surprised how far up you move in someone’s mind! And remember to reciprocate – always offer to write recommendations for or endorse those that have done the same favor for you.

So, overall, pretty simple stuff. It doesn’t take a lot of time and effort to start getting results on LinkedIn, but your mind has to be focused and you have to make sure you’re always ahead of the game. These four steps combined might only take just 5 minutes a week, but the return that you get from the effort will definitely be worth it. If you need more in-depth training on LinkedIn, or want to know how Boot Camp Digital has made thousands of dollars in sales from this network, be sure to sign up for our on-demand online training class on Getting Results from LinkedIn – now!

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