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5 Quick Tips to Boost Your SEO [Infographic]

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Carolyn Coates

Apr 11 2014

In 2013, there were 2.2 TRILLION searches globally on Google alone. When it comes to search results, 90% of users click on the first 3 results.

Using incognito mode, take a second to Google keywords you use for your brand to see where you land in the search results. You’re either not in the top 3 and want to be or you are and you need to defend yourself because someone is coming for your spot. Whether you are or not, your SEO strategy is important – higher rankings in search builds credibility, awareness, and more importantly, traffic to your website. Here are 5 quick tips to boost your SEO…

 5Quick Tips to Boost Your SEO

1. Google Authorship Integration

Authorship is Google’s way of verifying authors and content but can build your credibility and your overall “rank” on Google. By integrating authorship,  your Google+ photo will show to the left of blog posts/articles you’ve written – studies show eyes are drawn to pictures and therefore more likely to click. Using Google Authorship is continuing to create an online identity for yourself online that will improve your overall SEO.

2. Avoid “Keyword Stuffing”

Keyword stuffing is putting content aside and trying to fit as many keywords as possible into a page or post – some consider this a “trick” to boost your SEO. Content is your main priority – you can put as many keywords as you want but it won’t change the quality and credibility of your content. It might bring some traffic but no one will stick around to read the rest and keyword stuffing can be detected and penalized.

3. Post Great Content Often

Don’t just post content to say you wrote a blog post or to “get it out of the way.” Create content that is relevant to your brand and what your audience wants to hear. Consistent posts of credible content will improve your organic reach and ranking in search results.

4. Use Strategic Title Tags

Your title tags are the title that appears in search results and continues to be one of the most crucial pieces of SEO. When creating title tags for pages, use relevant keywords that someone would be searching for – try to make it enticing so people want to click.

5. Improve Your Page Load Speed

Google ranks pages with a fast load time high so if your site is slow, your SEO will feel the hurt. What’s the remedy? Visit Pingdom.com and you can see how fast your site loads and how it compares to other sites.  If you’re using Firefox, an add-on paired with Google’s page speed extension will analyze your speed and provide ways to improve it.

Google’s goal is to bring you the most relevant, valuable content. To monitor this, Google will continue to tighten the belt so keep these tips in mind and use best practices to improve your SEO. Learn more in our SEO 101: Understanding Search Engine Optimization Online Training and our Advanced SEO + Social Media Online Training.

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