5 Social Video Pro Tips for Capturing Attention and Getting Better Results

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Melissa Byers

Jun 20 2019

Social video is one of the fastest growing types of media, but the scroll is powerful. Simply posting video doesn’t grab attention. You still need to optimize your effort, just like any other type of post. 

Joe Busam, Creative Director for Boot Camp Digital, offered five pro tips for creating an eye-catching video. 

1. Create quick movement early in the video

What does that mean? It could be quick cuts from one scene to another. It could be something in the shot moving quickly. It could be a change in color. The quicker you have movement in your video, the more eye-catching it will be.

2. Use shorter cuts to create the illusion of movement

Traditional video had a long intro often featuring a company’s logo or branding. Boring, boring, boring. If you waste your first few seconds serving your brand, you lose your viewer. It’s shocking how quickly we can process an image. Capitalize on that fact.

3. Have a single objective

Inundating the viewer with multiple calls to action or messages will reduce their view time and likelihood that they’ll learn or do what you want. Strip down the message to make it simple. 

4. Incorporate a visual surprise

A visual surprise snaps the viewer out of a daze and gets them to refocus. 

5. Start with the benefit/climax

Think about a recipe video. They don’t start with the visuals of the ingredients and tools. They start with a visual of the finished, delicious dish, enticing you to watch how it’s made. 

Video doesn’t have to be intimidating. It’s easier than ever to create an eye-catching social video without spending tons of time or money, as long as you optimize the content to grab attention and stop the scroll.

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