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Video Marketing: How YouTube can build your business

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Feb 21 2011

A team at Pingdom.com conducted a recent survey and found that YouTube gets over 490 million unique users per month from all across the world.  To put it in perspective, this amounts to 92 billion page views each month!  Also, keep in mind that these numbers don’t account for embedded videos or videos viewed through mobile web – these numbers are just for YouTube’s main website. As you can see, YouTube is an excellent tool for video marketing and can enhance your business’ digital marketing strategy.

Create interesting content

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a million! The key feature for your video marketing is creating interesting and engaging content.  What is it that makes your business unique?  Your content should highlight your expertise in your field of business. For example, if you were a real estate agent, you wouldn’t want to talk about yourself and the number of houses you’ve sold in the last 6 months. While these numbers might show you are successful, it doesn’t help the consumers who are trying to sell their house.  Instead, offer a video that offers suggestions and tips on preparing to put a house on the market or how to sell your house in 6 months or less. This type of content will show users that you know what you’re talking about and they will come to you for your expert advice.

Integrate into other social media networks

One of the great things about social media networks is that they are all, in one way or another, connected. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter all allow you to share videos, upload photos and post links. When you post a video, make sure you share it through all of your social media networks. This way, you will expand your reach to all of your audiences on each network.

There are also a number of article/video submission sites where you can post your material – this is a great way to enhance your SEO and share your expert advice!

What to share in your videos

Videos are a great addition to a presentation or lecture.  Make sure your videos are rich in information. In my experience providing social media training, I have found that I generate a lot of interest by providing training sample videos and interviews about social media marketing.  Let your audience know what you’re about while also providing helpful tips and suggestions.  You don’t want to appear spammy and sell yourself by talking about yourself – share what you know and show that you’re an expert.

While some think of YouTube as being the source of hilarious videos of cats playing the piano or a place to see Wayne Rooney’s winning bicycle kick against Manchester United, YouTube is number two (behind Google) in being the most popular search engine sites in the world. Create a YouTube channel for your company and get started on sharing what you know!

How is your company using YouTube?

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