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Announcing My Latest Book – Visual Social Media Marketing #VSMM

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Krista Neher

Jan 17 2013

Today I am REALLY excited to tell you about the next book that I am publishing: Visual Social Media Marketing: Harnessing the Power of Images, Instagram, Infographics and Pinterest to Grow Your Business Online.

I’ve been working on this book for 6 months, and I am really excited that it is finally complete and ready to be published.   The book focuses on the biggest trend that we are seeing in social media – Visual Social Media Marketing.

As I look across social networks, the consistent trend that we are seeing is the increasing importance that images are playing in breaking through the clutter in social media.

  • Links with images are most clicked on in Twitter
  • Images get more views, comments and interactions on Facebook
  • Instagram and Pinterest are exploding
  • Images drive more views of blog posts
  • And much more…..

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing blog posts with sneak previews into some of the most interesting content in the book.

The book is a pretty quick read with lots of case studies and examples….

The book will be available on January 24 on Amazon and leading book stores, and you can CLICK HERE TO PREORDER your copy on Amazon!  The book is only $9.95, and the Kindle version will be available when it launches (Amazon doesn’t allow us to collect preorders for the Kindle version).

Of course, we will be having a launch party in Cincinnati – details to follow 😉

Special Thanks…..

  • To my mom, who I always thank for everything
  • To Joe Busam for amazing cover design as well as his love and support
  • Kim Quindlen who made sure that the book was actually complete and published (and also did all of the formatting, double checking and process work)
  • Alex Webb who edited the entire book 😉
  • All of the people who support me and Boot Camp Digital as I continue to grow and build my business

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