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Announcing Our New Video Marketing Course

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Allison Chaney

Aug 15 2020

We are SO excited to announce the launch of our Video Marketing Course. Video is the most powerful form of media, because it is visually appealing and highly engaging. It is one of the most effective ways to communicate a message and connect with an audience. In this course, you’ll learn how to build a successful video marketing strategy that gets results, best practices and steps for creating amazing video, and how to measure your success.

Why is Video Marketing Important for Businesses?

When video is integrated into a marketing plan, it can significantly improve results because video is so engaging and entertaining vs. other forms of media. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider video marketing in your digital strategy.

1. More than half of people search for product videos before making a purchase

Your video is the opportunity to close the sale. In the buying process, people search for information to help them make a decision. A video of a product demonstration is a great way to build confidence in your audience that your product is right for them. If more than half of your audience is searching for a video, this is a huge opportunity to reach them and meet them with the information they are searching for.

2. People would rather watch a video than read about a product

Let’s face it. Humans are lazy, distracted, and busier than ever. We don’t have time to read a lengthy article when we can learn about something in a fraction of the time by watching a video. Plus, it’s just more interesting and entertaining to watch a video vs. read about a product.

3. 88% of marketers say video provides a positive ROI

The proof is in the numbers. Smart marketers get it, and they are figuring out how to get a positive return on their investment. As technology advances and more affordable video tools become available, video is becoming more affordable. We can learn a lot from the many businesses who are seeing big results as well.

What is Included in our Video Marketing Course?

Our Video Marketing Course gives you everything you need to know about creating video that gets results. We start with an overview to explore exactly how big the video marketing opportunity is. We cover the steps to building a successful video marketing strategy, and then dive into how to produce and edit great video. Then we discuss how to market and promote your video, and how to measure your success and optimize for improved ROI. We cover advanced power tips too!

You get the online training, plus downloadable PDF resources to support your implementation.

The following is a list of included videos and their length:

01 – What is Video Marketing? (0:33)
02 – How Big is the Video Opportunity? (1:52)
03 – Benefits of Video Marketing (3:48)
04 – Where Can Video be Posted? (1:23)
05 – Steps to Planning Video (1:53)
06 – How Businesses are Using Video (11:24)
07 – Listen to Develop Insights (4:40)
08 – Video Strategy (2:54)
09 – Understanding Your Audience (5:33)
10 – Types of Video Marketing (5:33)
11 – Live Video (5:57)
12 – Promotional Video (3:04)
13 – Corporate/Brand Video (4:11)
14 – Viral Video (5:04)
15 – How-to and Educational Videos (2:12)
16 – Explainer Videos (4:40)
17 – Product Demo Videos (4:52)
18 – Event Videos (4:34)
19 – Testimonial Videos (3:31)
20 – Video Blogging “Vlogging” (2:29)
21 – Animation and Motion Video (4:32)
22 – Influencer Videos (4:54)
23 – User-Generated Content Videos (5:09)
24 – Where Should You Post Video? (10:24)
25 – Video Best Practices by Channel (11:07)
26 – Video Best Practices (1:44)
27 – Creating a Video Storyboard (2:13)
28 – Creating a Video Outline (2:33)
29 – Creating a Video Script (1:00)
30 – Creating a Video: Storyboard Details (1:53)
31 – Video Tools and Equipment (3:25)
32 – Video Shooting Technical Tips: Shot List (1:09)
33 – Video Shooting Technical Tips: Lighting (3:55)
34 – Video Shooting Technical Tips: Background (2:36)
35 – Video Shooting Technical Tips: Framing & Composition (2:15)
36 – Video Shooting Technical Tips: Manual Focus (1:19)
37 – Steps to Building a Promotion/Syndication (4:50)
38 – 8 Ways to Increase Your Video Views (3:59)
39 – Video Sharing Sites (5:10)
40 – How to Write a Powerful Video Title (6:40)
41 – How to Write a Catchy Title (2:34)
42 – How to Write a Video Description (4:28)
43 – Creating a Video Thumbnail (3:36)
44 – How to Optimize Video for SEO (5:25)
45 – Crossposting on Facebook (9:55)
46 – How Often to Post Video per Channel (2:51)
47 – Video Metrics (25:59)
48 – Adding Captions to Video (9:40)
49 – How to Feel Comfortable on Video (5:10)
50 – Teleprompter Apps (2:23)
51 – Interactive Video: AR & VR (4:30)
52 – Animation vs. Live Action Video (2:47)
53 – Creating Video with Green Screen (4:32)
54 – Adding Sound to Video(2:31)

How Do I Create a Viral Video (2:00)
What is a Vlog? (3:15)
Will Hosting my Video on YouTube (vs. Other Sites) Help my SEO? (1:28)
What About Shooting on a Budget? (3:28)

To learn more about or register for the new Video Marketing Course, click here.

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