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Digital Marketing Tips in Under a Minute

Carolyn Coates

Aug 06 2015

In under a minute get quick and easy digital marketing tips to take your digital marketing to the next level. Objectives May Change, Be Flexible. Launch with a plan, but be flexible so you can adapt & adjust once you start....

Fast and Easy DIY Digital Marketing Tips

Carolyn Coates

Jul 24 2015

We know that Social Media Marketers are BUSY. So, here is our speedy solution to help you stay aware of some Fast and Easy DIY Digital Marketing Tips. Actually, here's over 10 digital marketing tips in under 1 minute .......

Social Media Monthly Round Up – Biggest News in Social Media This Month

Carolyn Coates

Jun 30 2015

Don't have time to follow all of the most important social media news? Who does? Check out our round-up of the biggest changes in social media from the last month. We read all of the latest social media news so...

Announcing Mobile Marketing 101 Online Training

Carolyn Coates

May 29 2014

75% of Americans take their phone with them to the bathroom. Whether you're guilty of this or not, it's safe to say that a majority of the time, your phone is within reach. When it comes down to it, smartphone...

Mobile Marketing Stats 2014 [Infographic]

Carolyn Coates

May 23 2014

You may have heard that mobile marketing is "in the future" but it's not - it's now. With 1 in 7 people worldwide owning smartphones, mobile marketing is the most efficient way to get in front of your audience. Are...
Advanced SEO: Connecting Search + Social

Announcing Advanced SEO Online Training: Connecting Search + Social

Carolyn Coates

May 21 2014

While SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the most difficult topics to understand for many marketers and is considered "dead" sometimes, it's something you can't ignore. Becoming increasingly influenced by social networks, there are countless opportunities to boost your...
7 Tips to Piece Together Your SEO

7 Social Media Tips to Piece Together Your SEO [Infographic]

Carolyn Coates

May 13 2014

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the key to being found online. Social media has a HUGE influence on SEO and can bring potential traffic and sales to your website. Here are some easy steps to improving your social networks to...

This Week in Social Media: Snapchat Adds Video, Add Intros to Your YouTube Videos, and More!

Carolyn Coates

May 12 2014

This week in social media brought advertising to a new, growing social network you'll want to check out. Recent additions to Snapchat make it easier to connect with others beyond pictures. Struggling with marketing on Facebook? Check out their new...
This week in social media

This Week in Social Media: Pinterest Guided Search, Facebook News Page, LinkedIn Photo Sharing, and More

Carolyn Coates

Apr 28 2014

 This week in social media brought big changes for Pinterest search making it easier to find content for you. Facebook added a News Page and Nearby Friends option - find out how they affect you! LinkedIn added photo sharing abilities...
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