Author: Erin Hertzenberg

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What is SnapChat and Does it Matter for Business?

Erin Hertzenberg

Aug 12 2013

Get the scoop on Snapchat. Snapchat is a new social network that has been growing in popularity, especially in the "under 25" demographic. We keep hearing that younger people aren't using Facebook anymore, and increasingly, they are spending time on...

How We Increased Our Pinterest Followers by 100%

Erin Hertzenberg

Jul 11 2013

Pinterest is an huge social media network that is improving and expanding the image of businesses and personal brands. But many people still struggle to draw in followers to their business account on Pinterest.  How do you increase your numbers...

Announcing New YouTube Marketing Training Class!

Erin Hertzenberg

Jul 01 2013

Our seats fill up quickly so reserve yours TODAY! Over 6 billion hours of video are being watched each month on YouTube, and over 1 billion customers visit YouTube every month. Thousands of channels on this network are making six...

The Key to Earning Attention Online

Erin Hertzenberg

Jun 17 2013

Many companies spend time and money everyday to advertise their name.  What many companies do not understand however is the difference between annoying their audience (Interruption Marketing) and giving them the information that they need  and want (Permission Marketing).  Take...

Join Us for Our Upcoming Advanced LinkedIn Training Class June 18th!

Erin Hertzenberg

May 31 2013

We're excited to announce our latest social media training program! Our newest class will be on Advanced LinkedIn Training. Reserve your spot ASAP for this training session.  Seats sell out fast. LinkedIn has over 200 million members and is widely used...

8 Benefits of Making a Pinterest Business Profile

Erin Hertzenberg

May 30 2013

Pinterest now allows users to make a business profile on the network, instead of just a personal one. Let’s take a look at eight benefits of adding a business profile on Pinterest. 1. Just like your personal account, you have...

3 Business Accounts to Watch on Pinterest

Erin Hertzenberg

May 29 2013

Pinterest is not just a place to create Pin Boards for clothing, makeup, sports, inspirational quotes, or other hobbies - it's prospering into a place for businesses to expand their network and have the opportunity to have their customers help...
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