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How We Increased Our Pinterest Followers by 100%

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Erin Hertzenberg

Jul 11 2013

Pinterest is an huge social media network that is improving and expanding the image of businesses and personal brands. But many people still struggle to draw in followers to their business account on Pinterest.  How do you increase your numbers and make your business look interesting on Pinterest? Take a look at four easy steps we took to increase our Pinterest followers by 100%

social media search

#1. Follow More People:

To help improve our numbers on Pinterest, we searched for other accounts related to social media or accounts that had social media boards.  By repinning their pins, liking, and commenting on their boards, we made sure that our brand was noticed by people involved in the same thing that we do. By taking a few minutes to engage with other people, they will feel like you care and are interested in what they are talking about.

#2. Show Your Personality: social media humor

Even though our Pinterest board is for business, we still like to show part of who we are.  We added a social media humor board to pin funny social media content in order to grab people’s attention.  By loosening up and showing some personality, more people will want to follow you and repin your pins.

#3.  Increase Board Quality:

To take full advantage of Pinterest, we created helpful marketing boards, including our Helpful Blog Post Board.  With this board we are able to share our social media tips and blogs in another form of marketing and reach a larger audience.  We also have a Cincinnati Social Media Training board so that our followers can see when we are having our next training classes to increase our participation numbers.

#4.  Stay Organized:

Just like in the office, it is also important to stay organized on Pinterest.  If your boards are organized and pins are easy to understand, then your followers and repins will increase, which is always better for your business.  Update your boards frequently to show that you are involved on Pinterest and are interested in connecting with others.

staying organized

Engage yourself in the world of Pinterest.  Market yourself and meet new people to form connections with those with passions similar to your own.  Pinterest is a prime opportunity to expand your business and meet potential clients so don’t let the opportunity slide by.  Make the time to take easy steps towards improving your Pinterest boards and you’ll see great results for your brand. For more help on Pinterest, check out our Pinterest online training class!

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