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8 Benefits of Making a Pinterest Business Profile

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Erin Hertzenberg

May 30 2013

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Pinterest now allows users to make a business profile on the network, instead of just a personal one. Let’s take a look at eight benefits of adding a business profile on Pinterest.

1. Just like your personal account, you have access to the same features.

2. The different terms of service for a business profile help provide new ways for your business to reach your customers. There’s also a higher safety policy.

pinterest for business

3. You make your contract with Pinterest to make it personal in your own way and make the best decisions for your company.

4. You learn proper Pin Etiquette to help your business appear more professional.

5. With a business profile, you can upload your company’s statistics, links to blog posts, and more, which will increase the number of followers and readers.

6. Business profiles are SEO friendly.

7. Your business name can go in as is, without having to make a first and last name like you would for a personal profile.add my business

8. Having a Pinning contest with your followers will spread your brand to more consumers and give your customers a more personal connection.

Pinterest has become another way for companies to get their name out to a lot of people, post blogs and statistics, give them another form of free advertising, and connect with their customers.   To learn more please see our Pinterest for Business class.

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