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The Key to Earning Attention Online

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Erin Hertzenberg

Jun 17 2013

Many companies spend time and money everyday to advertise their name.  What many companies do not understand however is the difference between annoying their audience (Interruption Marketing) and giving them the information that they need  and want (Permission Marketing).  Take a look at the differences between Interruption Marketing and Permission Marketing to learn how to increase your fans and followers on social networks.

Interruption Marketing:

  • Int. Marketing Is meant to catch the eye of the audience 
  • Persuading the audience to want to learn more
  • Inviting the audience to remember your name
  • Promote through constant advertising
  • Fast and to the point
  • Traditional way of marketing

Interruption marketing is most popular on for television and radio. People every day are watching TV or listening to the radio and are forced to see commercials or listen to advertisements on the radio. People nowadays learn to shut out what they do not want to hear or see.  This is making marketing harder for companies and can be a waste of money.  It is hard to find the balance between annoying someone and getting their attention with any form of media that they use.  It is important to be involved in social media for your business to have more opportunities to promote yourself or your business.  With more followers, you can reach more people on the sites they go to everyday and get your name out there more.

Permission Marketing:

  • Consumer-led approach
  • “Gift given”
  • A privilege – not right – of delivering emails
  • Taking the time to build a relationship with the consumer

Permission Marketing is more inviting to the customer.  They are the ones who decide to learn more and have a say in what they do and do not want to see.  By targeting your audience and advertising to them in a controlled manner, you are asking them to trust you and let you tell them why your business is the best.  They also gain the sense of control if they are the ones choosing to view your site. In social media,  Permission Marketing gets you on a more personal level with your audience and lets you promote to them with out being annoying or overbearing.  Permission media provides you with that opportunity to connect with customers and start to earn their trust after already gaining their attention.

Perm. Marketing

The main objective is to treat people with respect.  Earning respect is the best way to gain attention.  The attention and respect of your audience should be valued not wasted.

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