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Insider Secret: Perfect Blog Post Word Count

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Chris Olson

Aug 07 2018

If you do a Google search for the “perfect word count on a blog post”, you will get tons of mixed results and ideas. So how do you know which expert has the right amount? Well, here’s the thing (and sorry to disappoint you if you’re looking for an exact number): there is no such thing as a perfect word count for blog posts. There are however, suggestions per industry. For example, posts on fashion and/or technology might have more pictures and less words than a post about finance or marketing.

So what’s our insider secret?

It’s actually pretty simple. When you create your blog post, keep this one simple rule in mind: Quality > Quantity

Focus first on making great content. If you’re aiming for word count first, you might end up diluting your message and confusing or boring your audience. None of these things are good.

While you’re working on creating great content for your blog, we have a few tips to help you create better word counts:

Find out what’s natural for your industry

Let’s say for example, you have a blog about personal finance. There are ton of reasons why you would want to check out other finance blogs, but one reason might be to find out the word counts for the top blogs that show up on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP).  You can copy and paste a post into word to easily see the word count. This doesn’t have to be exact, but by looking over a few blogs and writing down some numbers, you can get a good idea of what some of the top-ranked blogs are using for word counts.

Find out what’s natural for your topic/keyword focus

Another idea would be to google your keyword focus and look at some of the top results and compare their word counts. For example, (using the finance blog example again) let’s say you’re writing a post on tips for quickly improving your credit score. Google it first! Not only will you get ideas on what some of the top blogs are producing for content, you’ll also get some ideas on the word count.

Just write

Once you finish the post, ask yourself – did I hit all of the points that I wanted to cover for my topic? Could I (or should I) elaborate more to provide value to my readers? Again – adding more copy just for the sake of word count could (and probably would) result in diluting your message.   

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