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Boot Camp Digital Recognized as OMCP and OMCA Registered Education Provider

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OMCP Registered Education Program

Allison Chaney

Aug 20 2019

Boot Camp Digital is now an OMCP Registered Education Provider. This is a HUGE accomplishment for us as only the most thorough training programs qualify for this status. Less than 30 institutions worldwide have received this accreditation, half of which are college universities.

Our Online Social Media Marketing and SEO Certification programs are now verified to teach the knowledge, skills, and abilities that prepare professionals for OMCP certification – a premier industry certification for digital marketing professionals. In addition, our Online Digital Marketing Certification and live 4-Day Digital Marketing Workshop has received accreditation for OMCA preparation – an industry standard certification for digital marketing associates and entry-level practitioners.

Professionally Recognized

Boot Camp Digital is now among the industry’s best known educational institutions – not a small feat. Not only do our online certification programs in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and SEO provide training from essentials to mastery, now they’re officially designated by the OMCP to prepare you for premier industry certification.

OMCP, the Online Marketing Certified Professionals, Certification is designed for digital marketing professionals and verifies a combination of training, experience, and successfully passing a comprehensive exam. OMCP and OMCA Certified Professionals are industry-recognized as being knowledgeable and using best practices across digital platforms.

OMCP and OMCA Exam Preparation

After careful review, each of our online certifications has been approved by OMCP as sufficient preparation for their final exams. That means our content covers the material required to successfully earn OMCA or OMCP certification.

Our online certification programs have always been a huge value, packed with actionable, easy-to-understand, real world instruction. It’s incredible to finally be recognized by OMCP as a Registered Education Provider.

Extraordinary Training, Elevated Credibility, More Opportunities

Why? Why take a certification program with Boot Camp Digital? Why get OMCP or OMCA certified? One word. Opportunities.

When you commit to a program of training and successfully see it through, you give anyone watching a clear sign that you take having the necessary skills to do your job well very seriously. You’re willing to put in the hard work and prove your knowledge.

In an industry full of self-taught digital marketers, you will stand out from your competitors as having taken and completed expert training. When there’s an opportunity at stake, proper training and commitment speak volumes before you even open your mouth!

For more information on deciding if an OMCP or OMCA Certification is right for you, click here. And for more information about our OMCP and OMCA certified programs, click here.

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