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How to Build an Instagram Marketing Strategy [Infographic]

Instagram marketing strategy

Instagram marketing strategy

Research and Listen

Start by listening and discover the photos people share related to your business or industry.


  1. How people use Instagram
  2. How your competitors use it
  3. What people talk about and take pictures of
  4. The most popular accounts 5) How people talk about your industry.

Develop a marketing strategy

Determine what you want to achieve by using Instagram. What specifically would you like to accomplish? How does this link to your business or marketing objectives?

Determine your target audience

Based on your marketing and business objectives, determine who your target audience is. Research them. Make a list of popular accounts they follow, the photos they like, the photos they share and the hashtags they use.

Build your Instagram plan

Determine who will post what when. Also make note of the hashtags you’ll use and how you can encourage your customers/fans to share photos on Instagram. 

Connect with people

You’ll get more from Instagram if you connect with other people. Build a following by interacting with other people. 

  • Mention other People
  • Comment on photos
  • Include Hashtags
  • Follow People
  • Like photos

Implement your plan with best practices

  • Share interesting photos
  • Use relevant hashtags
  • Post when people are online
  • Engage your audience
  • Write catchy descriptions
  • Share on other social networks

Track and adjust

Use sites like IconoSquare (www.iconosquare.com) to track your progress. Adjust your strategy based on what you learn as you go. Continue to test & explore.

Measure and link to ROI

Measure your results and don’t forget to link back to ROI (return on investment). Consider the multiple sources of value that Instagram brings to your business.

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