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October 2018 digital marketing news updates

July 2017 Digital Marketing News Update

Krista Neher

Jul 14 2017

Boot Camp Digital's July 2017 Digital Marketing News Update is packed with the latest and greatest from Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, Twitter, and more! We've also recently added a Innovation section that talks about emerging technology and trends. Facebook...

Digital Marketing Foundations: What Every Business Professional MUST Know

Krista Neher

May 12 2017

In 2017, digital marketing foundations are more important than ever. Companies are spending $83 billion this year alone and that number is expected to grow. If you want to be a relevant business leader you can’t afford to ignore it any...

3 Easy Ways to Link Your SEO Strategy to Your Content Strategy

Krista Neher

Jul 14 2015

I was recently on a content marketing panel with other industry experts, and one of the other panelists said that SEO shouldn’t even be considered in a content marketing strategy. ARGH!!?!?!?!?! Why do we need to make everything black and...

5 DIY SEO Tips To Optimize Your Website

Krista Neher

Apr 09 2015

Search Engine Optimization… more like Search Engine Overwhelming! SEO can seem like a lot of work, we’re not saying it isn’t, but breaking it up into step-by-step tasks can make it much more manageable. Optimize your website for search by...
Advanced SEO: Connecting Search + Social

Announcing Advanced SEO Online Training: Connecting Search + Social

Carolyn Coates

May 21 2014

While SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the most difficult topics to understand for many marketers and is considered "dead" sometimes, it's something you can't ignore. Becoming increasingly influenced by social networks, there are countless opportunities to boost your...
7 Tips to Piece Together Your SEO

7 Social Media Tips to Piece Together Your SEO [Infographic]

Carolyn Coates

May 13 2014

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the key to being found online. Social media has a HUGE influence on SEO and can bring potential traffic and sales to your website. Here are some easy steps to improving your social networks to...
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5 Performance Enhancing PPC Tips From Expert John Crenshaw

Patrick Carroll

Mar 12 2014

Cincinnati AMA hosted an amazing lunchtime learning session with SEO, PPC, Content Marketing Expert John Crenshaw of Razorlight Media. He presented “5 Easy Fixes To Dramatically Improve PPC Performance” and we live-blogged the presentation: These 5 performance enhancing tips can save...

The Latest in Search from Google: Matt Cutts shares what you NEED TO KNOW #PubCon

Krista Neher

Oct 23 2013

This is "straight from the horses mouth" - meaning I'm at Pubcon listening to the updates from Matt Cutts who heads webpsam at Google.... This is where google is going. The Key messages: Social impacts search, identity matters, mobile will...

This Week in Social Media: Facebook Allows Edits, Promoted Pins, Twitter Recommendations, Google Continues its Takeover, and more!

Carolyn Coates

Sep 28 2013

This week in social media brought a long-awaited update to Facebook mobile, a new network for advertisers to jump on, Twitter recommendations, YouTube allows offline viewing, Google continually showing its power, and to iPad apps for entrepreneurs and small business...
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