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Announcing Our New Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training Course

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Allison Chaney

Jul 10 2018

We are VERY excited to share with you the launch of our SEO Training Course. Most businesses recognize the importance of ranking well in search engines and how much traffic can be driven to a website through search. However, many businesses are hesitant to implement search engine optimization because it seems too technical and complicated, they don’t see the value, or worse – they’ve been burned by a so-called “SEO Expert” and spent a lot of money for little results. We created this training course to make SEO easy to understand, and to show you how you can get big results from SEO without the need to learn code or hire an expensive “expert”. We are especially excited that this training is presented by our resident SEO expert Allison Chaney, who has worked with 100’s of clients big and small, producing high ranking websites and big results for almost 20 years.

Why is SEO training Important for Businesses?

To be successful online, you need to build SEO into your digital marketing plan. Smart businesses of all industries are using SEO to grow their business and connect with customers. Why?

1. Most businesses get about 60-80% of their traffic from organic search.

According to a research study by Forrester, 94% of people use a search engine when making a decision to do business with a company. SEO can get your website in front of your audience when they are searching. Organic search (meaning non-paid search engine rankings) is the single biggest source of traffic to most successful businesses’ websites. Without SEO you could be missing out on reaching a huge segment of your target audience.

2. 80% of all search engine traffic clicks on the organic search results.

While it’s possible to pay for a top ranking in Google, and while this form of advertising is effective, only about 20% of people who view a search engine results page will click the ad, which means 80% of searchers will skip over the ads and click an organic search listing. Even if you have the budget to buy your way to the top, if you don’t rank organically you could be losing 80% of those potential clicks.

3. The top 3 results get the click.

Almost half of all search engine traffic goes to the first 3 organic rankings on the results page. How do businesses get to the top of the rankings? Hint: it isn’t luck, it’s SEO!

4. Your competitors are doing it.

Just do a search for your target keywords (what you want to rank for in Google). Chances are, you will see your competitors there. This is what your potential customers will see too. Don’t let your competitor win the sale before you even have the chance to get your customers to consider you! If your competition is ranking and you’re not, they are going to get all of that great traffic!

SEO generates traffic and revenue = big results!

Traffic from organic search has the highest conversion rates compared to any other marketing medium. People are searching for the problem that you solve, which leads to higher conversion rates when your targeted content can be reached by your audience.

When you invest in SEO and implement an ethical, ongoing strategy for optimizing your website and content to rank high in search, your sales and leads will increase.

The reality is that SEO takes time and is an ongoing process rather than a one time fix. Many businesses are intimidated by the thought of implementing SEO because of challenges with editing code or building relevant content or spending hours upon hours seeking quality sites to link back to their website. With an understanding of how SEO works and integrating SEO best practices into an overall digital marketing plan, most businesses can achieve success with a high ROI from SEO.

What is Included in our SEO Training Course?

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) training course gives you everything you need to get started with SEO and understand how search marketing works.

You get more than six hours of beginner, strategic, and advanced training, plus downloadable PDF resources to support your implementation. 

The following is a list of included videos and their length.

01 – What is SEO? 1:31

02 – SEO as Part of an Integrated Strategy 2:11

03 – The History and Future of SEO 3:12

04 – Why SEO is Important 6:08

05 – How Search Engines Work 3:53

06 – The “ART” of SEO 2:52

07 – Building a Strategic SEO Plan 3:27

08 – Industry & Audience Research 16:04

09 – Competitor Research 8:15

10 – Keyword Research 16:10

11 – SEO Strategy 3:02

12 – Technical Strategy 9:37

13 – Full-Funnel SEO 11:31

14 – Unique Selling Proposition 2:22

15 – Links 4:04

16 – Analytics 4:47

17 – Market Research & Analysis 10:53

18 – Market Research: Influencers 7:25

19 – Competitor Research 11:32

20 – Steps to Keyword Research – 1 Create Seed List 5:41

21 – Steps to Keyword Research – 2 Research 8:11

22 – Steps to Keyword Research – 3 Refine 2:49

23 – Steps to Keyword Research – 4 Identify Keyword Targets 9:06

24 – Keyword Matrix 15:49

25 – Strategy: Align KPIs to Goals 9:10

26 – Authority Audit: Links 8:08

27 – Backlink Analysis on Competitors 2:38

28 – Good vs. Bad Links 7:45

29 – Linkable Assets 2:22

30 – Link Outreach 3:38

31 – Relevance Audit: Content 23:31

32 – Technical Audit: Setup 11:30

33 – Technical Audit: Server 11:20

34 – Technical Audit: Site Wide 14:39

35 – Technical Audit: On-Page 11:23

36 – Technical Audit: Images 4:48

37 – Technical Audit: Mobile 1:58

38 – Technical Audit: Architecture & Linking 6:41

39 – Timeline For Effective SEO Planning 8:34

40 – Link Disavow 8:41

41 – Identify Link Opportunities 19:41

42 – Mobile SEO and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) 3:34

43 – Dominate the SERPs 15:22

44 – How Do I Get My Local Business More Visibility in Google? 4:56

45 – How Do I Get More Positive Reviews? 3:30

46 – Should I Have Keywords In My Domain Name? 2:20

47 – Does Social Media Help SEO? 2:14

48 – Should My Site Be Secure? 1:51

BONUS SEO Tool Reviews

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Get Headline Inspiration (Maybe?) with Linkbait Generator

Portent Content Idea Generator

Understand Trending Content with BuzzSumo

Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis with SEMrush

Organize and Manage Your SEO with Screaming Frog

SEO Resources

SEO Quick-Start Guide

SEO Tools Tips & Tricks

SEO Keyword Research Quick-Start Guide

SEO Link Marketing Quick-Start Guide

SEO Link Marketing Tips & Tricks

SEO Advanced Quick-Start Guide

SEO Action Planner (Excel Spreadsheet)

Digital Marketing Measurement Quick-Start Guide

Digital Strategy Template

To learn more about or register for the new SEO Training Course, click here.

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