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Get Content Ideas With AnswerThePublic.com: Tool Review

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Cool Tool Review Answer The Public

Allison Chaney

May 03 2018

A cool tool for exploring content ideas is the website AnswerThePublic.com. In this tool review, we will show you how Answer The Public automates the process of some pretty cool things you might already be doing with Google. When you use Google, you type a keyword into the search box and the auto complete feature will present several suggestions that represent popular search terms which include the keywords you are typing. AnswerThePublic.com is a valuable research tool because it automates the process, giving you a ton of ideas all at once.

answerthepublic.com tool review exampleI love this tool because it reminds us to think of how users are searching, which is in sentence and question format. The use of mobile has changed the way we search. We used to type something like “Cincinnati parks” in Google on our desktop, but we now speak something like “OK Google… which parks are open today?” into our phones. When we think about how users are searching, it helps us create content that is a better answer to their question.

answerthepublic.com tool review screenshot

Use this tool when you need content inspiration. You can also use this tool if you’re trying to discover more niche keywords to target, which may be easier to rank for because they are less competitive. For example, “parks” might be a great keyword if you can rank for it, but it’s super competitive. Enter that phrase into AnswerThePublic.com and you’ll discover phrases like “parks where dogs are allowed” or “what parks are open today”. By focusing content on a more specific topic, you can create content that is a better fit for the person searching which makes them more likely to convert or take the next action which brings them closer to doing business with you. It’s usually easier to rank for specific keywords because they are less competitive than general terms, so you won’t have to work as hard for that traffic either.

Answer The Public Pros
no download required
saves time by automating multiple searches into one

Answer The Public Cons
suggestions aren’t always relevant
doesn’t work great for very specific keywords
limited number of searches in free version

Power Tip: A cool feature of this tool is that you can click on any of the suggested ideas and it will open a new window with Google search results for that phrase.

As you use this tool to uncover new content ideas, use this checklist to determine the best opportunities:

  • Can I compete? What are the total number of search results for the phrase? Don’t get freaked out by a large number of results though. Use this number to get a relative idea of which phrases are more competitive than others.
  • Is the topic already covered? Do the search results already answer the question? If you don’t have a unique answer or an interesting perspective to share, then creating almost duplicate content won’t help the searcher or your site. Your content should add value, not just echo someone else’s point of view.
  • What are the niche terms? Are there more specific, niche keywords and topics that you could focus on? You may gain some really high converting targeted traffic with niche keywords.

Give AnswerThePublic.com a try and let us know in the comments below what new content ideas you uncovered!

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