Creating a Blogging Strategy to Blow Readers Away

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Carolyn Coates

Oct 22 2013

A few weeks ago we did a business blogging training to help businesses understand how they can really take advantage of one of the most powerful tools in social media. Blogs aren’t as new and sexy as Pinterest or Instagram, but they do provide a real opportunity for businesses to connect with customers and generate traffic, leads and sales.


One of the biggest challenges that most businesses face when it comes to blogging is that they just start writing stuff. They don’t think about their strategic objectives or what they are really trying to achieve. In addition, they often don’t think much about the READERS or the AUDIENCE.


To create a successful blog, follow the steps:

  • WHY are you writing the blog and what do you hope to achieve?
  • WHO will actually read it?
  • HOW will you structure the blog for success?
  • WHAT will you post that grabs attention and meets your goals?
  • WHAT will you do to make sure that people actually see your posts?

The following infographic gives you key questions you need to answer when creating a blog and writing every blog post. So save this picture – pin it, tweet it, share it, or print it – but keep it nearby the next time you sit down to blog.


Steps for Blogging

We encourage you to share this with your friends – blogging is the most important asset to social media, take advantage of it!

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