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Demand for Digital Marketers is out of Balance with Supply

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Demand for Digital Marketers is out of Balance with Supply

Allison Chaney

Apr 13 2021

There’s no shortage of applicants for digital marketing positions, yet many of them are not able to produce results once hired. This leaves the organization frustrated and the marketer feeling defeated. The problem is a lack of digital marketing skills.

There is a huge demand for digital skills, but a serious lack of supply.

Brands are prioritizing digital marketing more than ever in their overall marketing strategy. As a result, digital skills are in high demand. According to a recent McKinley Marketing Partners’ Marketing Hiring Trends Report, 94% of marketing leaders said they hired at least one new team member in the past year.

44% of hiring managers report not being able to find qualified candidates, according to the McKinley report. This creates significant opportunities for marketers who are seeking digital job opportunities.

Digital Marketers Need Sharp Skills to Stay Effective

There is so much information about digital marketing, that one might feel like an expert after absorbing a healthy amount of information, whether it’s at a conference, in a free online course, or by following industry expert blogs. But digital marketing is fast-evolving, and you must keep your skills sharp to stay effective.

A Learning Plan is Critical to A Long Career in Digital Marketing

The best way for digital marketers to keep a sharp skill set is to set aside time in their routine for ongoing learning. There is always something new to learn in digital and social media, and keeping up to speed is critical for success in this industry.

Where do marketers lack skills most?

Our digital skills survey report shows the gap in skills, and the need for a solution, as illustrated in this graph showing the topic areas that marketers answered most questions incorrectly.

marketers answered these questions incorrectly
How can marketers improve their skill set?

Digital marketing is a rich job market. With the lack of skills in marketers, it also creates a myriad of opportunities for those who have a well rounded or advanced skill set. Understanding the areas where marketers require skills most is a great way to know where to focus your learning. Identify your own gaps and seek training and opportunities to practice to improve your skill set and advance your career.

For the full report on the digital skills gaps and bonus tips on how to improve your digital marketing IQ, click here.


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