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Announcing Our New Blogging Training Course

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Allison Chaney

Feb 18 2019

We are VERY excited to share with you the launch of our Blogging Training Course. Blogging is an effective way to reach your audience in different stages of the buying cycle with relevant content. This form of owned media becomes even more powerful when the content is amplified online and in social networks. In this online training course, you will learn how to build a blog for your business or personal brand, and how to create a promotion strategy that drives big results.

Why is Blogging Important for Businesses?

Blogging is an effective way to expand your reach to a wider audience, increase awareness and keep your audience engaged. When you consider that 97% of visitors to your site are not ready to “buy now”, and they are there to learn more or interact with your brand in some way, it is obvious how your blog can play a big role in how you engage the majority of visitors to your site. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider blogging in your digital plan.

1. Blogging has big benefits.

Your blog is an opportunity to engage your site visitors and move them down the funnel towards the point of purchase. When your blog content is rich with useful information, you will also attract more traffic. Consider these facts:

  • B2B marketers who blog receive 67% more leads than those who do not.
  • Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website.

2. Blogging is owned media.

Unlike when you post something on social media, you own the content of your blog and everything about it. This means you have total control over the layout, the content, everything. You’re not limited by character limits, image restrictions, or even the content of your post. This gives you the freedom to create content in a way that just doesn’t exist anywhere else.

3. Blogs are great for SEO.

Blogs are an SEO’s dream. Your blog gives you a platform to create an endless amount of content for every … single … keyword that someone might possibly search for. Of course, you’ll want to apply a solid strategy and create quality content that people actually are looking for. When you consider the keyword possibilities for what could result in quality traffic to your site, then you will see the vast amount of potential content that your blog can hold, and when optimized, can rank well in search engines and drive super quality traffic to your site!

What is Included in our Blogging Course?

Our Blogging Training Course gives you everything you need to build, optimize, and maintain a blog for your business or personal brand.

You get more than eight hours of beginner, strategic, and advanced training, plus downloadable PDF resources to support your implementation.

The following is a list of included videos and their length.

100 – Blogging Essentials

01 – What is Blogging?

02 – Why is Blogging Important

03 – Why Businesses Have Blogs

04 – Why People Have Blogs

05 – The Benefits of Blogging

06 – Blogs Are Social Media

07 – The Difference Between a Blog and a Website

08 – Blog Glossary

09 – Blogging Strategy Overview

10 – Blogging Trends

11 – What Makes a Good Blog?

Total Section Topics = 11    Total Section Time = 1:09:27

200 – Blogging Strategy

12 – Before You Start Blogging

13 – Steps to Blogging

14 – Determine Your Strategy

15 – Blogging Content Strategy – Choosing Theme Topics

16 – Understand Trending Content with BuzzSumo

17 – Setting Up a Blog

18 – Content Planning

19 – How to Build a Content Calendar

20 – Blogging Best Practices

21 – Promoting Your Content

22 – Setting Up Tracking – Why It’s Important

23 – How Tracking is Setup

24 – What Metrics to Track on Your Blog

Total Section Topics = 13    Total Section Time = 1:14:54

300 – Blogging Management

25 – Create a Catchy Tagline

26 – How to Add a Blog to Your Website

27 – How to Configure Your Blog Address

28 – Blog Design Tips for Adding to Your Website

29 – Creating SEO Friendly URLs

30 – Blog Templates

31 – Setting Up the Blog Sidebar

32 – Making Your Blog Shareable

33 – Blog Post Frequency

34 – Anatomy of a Blog Post

35 – Blog Headlines

36 – Blog Post Length

37 – Power Tip for Long Posts

38 – Blog Calls to Action

39 – Create Blog Posts Using Long Tail Keywords

40 – Creating Beautiful Images with Canva

41 – Using Open Graph Tags

42 – Blog Images Best Practices

43 – Technical Audit: Images

44 – Using Stock Images

45 – Images That Share Well in Social

46 – Promoting Blog Posts

47 – Build a Promotion Plan

48 – Promoting Your Blog Using SEO

49 – Promoting Your Blog Using Social Media

50 – Promoting Your Blog Using Digital Ads

51 – Promoting Your Blog Using Email Marketing

52 – How to Set Up Tracking

53 – What Metrics Are Important

54 – How to Evaluate Success

Total Section Topics = 30    Total Section Time = 3:41:02

400 – Advanced Blogging

55 – Wordpress Blog Settings

56 – Recommended Wordpress Plugins

57 – Wordpress Plugin Akismet – Combat Comment Spam

58 – Wordpress Plugin Yoast SEO – Optimize Your Blog

59 – Wordpress Plugin TinyMCE Advanced – Customize Editing Toolbar

60 – Wordpress Plugin Jetpack – Add an Email Subscribe Feature to your Blog

61 – Move Posts Into Directory Setup Redirects

62 – Why Every Blog Post Needs an Image

63 – Types of Blog Posts That Write Themselves

64 – Repurposing Blog Posts

65 – Re-promoting Blog Posts

66 – How to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

67 – How to Get Links to Your Blog

68 – How to Get More Blog Subscribers

69 – Writing for Comments

70 – Guest Blogging

Total SectionTopics = 16    Total Section Time = 1:54:39


To learn more about or register for the new Blogging Training Course, click here.

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