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Facebook: Now That Everyone is There, How do You Stand Out?

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Krista Neher

Sep 24 2012

Facebook can be a powerful marketing tool but many businesses are being ignored by their fans.  The reality is that it used to be easy for businesses to market on Facebook – there weren’t that many businesses on it.  These days over 88% of all businesses are active on Facebook.

A new survey by Vocus and Duct Tape Marketing shows the sites that small businesses are now using.  As you can see 73% of small businesses are now using Facebook.

The challenge is that with all of this clutter, how do you stand out?  We know that only 17% of fans actually see posts by the brands that they follow, so how do you get seen by fans.

An average person on Facebook now has 130 friends and another 80 pages/groups and events that they are connected to.  This means that businesses need to stand out among 210 other things that are fighting for our attention.

How Do You Stand Out

Here are some strategies to help you stand-out on Facebook

  • Survey Your Fans to Ask them what they want – surveys show that some fans like promotional content and others don’t.  The only way to know for sure is to ask your fans.
  • Dive in to Analytics – if you can’t do a survey, look at your analytics to see what content is most popular with your fans – always be learning.
  • Use Images – Studies show that images get up to 50% more interaction on Facebook than other posts.  Look for creative images to use.
  • Ask Questions – Engage your fans by asking relevant questions to get them involved.
  • Share Videos – Studies show that videos get more interactions than other content on Facebook…. tell your story with a short promotional video.
  • Ask for Interactions – Post content on Facebook that encourages fans to like or comment based on their experience or opinion.
  • Invite participation – Always invite fans to participate in your posts – find ways to make your posts interactive and engaging.

How do you stand out on Facebook – what strategies do you use?

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