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Finding Digital Talent the #1 Digital Challenge in 2021

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Finding digital talent is the top digital challenge

Krista Neher

Dec 08 2020

New research shows that 51% of marketers rate their #1 challenge for digital as finding talent.

This isn’t surprising. Digital is still relatively new and digital as a mass marketing channel is less than 10 years old. Many mid-level and senior marketers didn’t “grow up” with digital as a top priority.

It was an afterthought.

It was separate.

It was handled by an agency.

Today, digital accounts for over 50% of most marketing budgets, but marketers still lack the skills to effectively understand and execute digital campaigns successfully.

It is new.

It is changing.

It is complex.

So as an organization, how do you find (and acquire) the right talent for digital to grow in the world of modern digital marketing?

As more organizations undergo Digital Transformation or simply make the shift in their spending, finding talent is key.

There are routes to approach this, and most businesses have a hybrid solution. First, find and acquire digital talent or second train current employees to increase digital capability.

Finding Digital Talent

Digital talent is difficult to find – especially at senior level roles. It is also difficult to separate those who can talk about digital vs actually do and lead. Digital is the #1 in demand skill, so you’ll need to be competitive in recruiting top talent.

What to look for in finding talent:

  • What is their experience in digital?
  • What results can they point to?
  • What specifically was their role?
  • How do they stay sharp?
  • What formal training or certifications do they have?
  • Can they explain key digital concepts?
  • Can they create and share a strategy?

Up-Skilling Your Team with Digital

Finding digital talent is competitive, and it is also not a complete solution. While a hand-full of experienced, knowledgeable digital experts can help support the organization, getting the entire organization speaking the same language and having the right skills is key.

Up-skilling your organization with digital is vital. All levels of the organization need a certain level of digital fluency to really drive digital.

Digital isn’t a single organization, team or skill . It must be embedded in the organization.

Here are some tips to up-skill your organization.

  • Consider all levels of the organization (including executive)
  • Leadership should drive home the priority and importance of digital
  • Establish a base level (everyone speaking the same language) for the organization
  • Determine the digital skills required for different positions
  • Create a learning plan for the organization
  • Build formal and informal training for the organization into the plan
  • Establish ongoing up-skilling opportunities
  • Create a culture of open learning

Remember that hiring digital talent won’t solve all of your problems or drive the change you need in your business. Focus on the entire organization, from top to bottom and show that you are willing to invest in them and their skills.

We can help – contact us for help in building your digital learning plan.

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