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Oct 07 2011

Social media, internet marketing and digital marketing are the most popular trends in the world of marketing right now.  Companies now understand the importance of social media and online community in building brand recognition and influencing the buying decisions of their clients. With this understanding there is a huge demand for specialists who are familiar with digital technologies, content writing, social media marketing and engaging online audiences.  Many organizations are currently in need of a social media manager, social media strategist or online marketing specialist. Research shows that the demand for social media and online jobs has not peaked.  More growth is yet to come!  According to AdAge, digital is the new mainstream media and with that said, ‘U.S. employment at digital-media ventures is on track to pass employment in broadcast TV and in magazines by early 2012’.

Another study made by the online career community CareerBliss reveals the Top 10 Hottest Jobs for Social Media.  The number one ranking position is Content Manager with more than 1,500 job openings and an average salary of more than $59,000 a year.

With Facebook reaching 800 million users and Twitter having more than 200 million accounts, it’s no wonder companies are so eager to reach social media users.  As social media jobs continue to increase in number, they are becoming the bright spot in a job market that brings more bad news than good these days.

Labor reductions, austerity measures and debt crises abound, the demand for social media jobs represents an opportunity for professionals to be optimistic about their future careers.   Honing the latest social media skills and matching oneself with the right company in need of social media help looks likely to be a path to job security for many professionals for a many years to come.

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