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Infographic: Social Media In Higher Education

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Feb 22 2012

OnlineUniversities.com has posted an interesting infographic detailing how universities both use and struggle to use social media to enhance the student college experience.  Shown below, the infographic illustrates how social media can be used for everything from recruiting new students to generating school spirit to giving professors a forum to share their latest ideas outside of the classroom.

OnlineUniversities.com also describes several challenges that face universities trying to manage their social media outlets.  Interestingly enough, the challenges that schools face are very similar to those a business faces while trying to get the most out of their social media budget.  Schools have to generate content and create features that engage their students as well as ensure maintenance of their sites so they don’t become stale.  It goes to show that even in an environment where the most social media savvy population resides, the same environment that spawned social media to begin with, it still takes thought and careful consideration to ensure that social media efforts turn out as effective as we would all like them to be.

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