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6 Ways Brian Wallace Navigates the Internet with Intention and Why It Matters

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Melissa Byers

Oct 25 2018

No one would argue that the internet, social media in particular, is positively saturated with content. Some marketers feel like more is necessary. But what if it isn’t? Brian Wallace, CEO and Founder of NowSourcing, an award-winning infographic design agency spent time  talking to our Digital Marketing Insiders (join for FREE and watch the video!) about where he spends his time online, how he does it, and why infographics are (still) awesome.

I’ve got six takeaways from the 45 minutes we spent with him, but I can’t stress enough how hard it was to pick them. If you’re up for a smart and insightful session, join now for free to watch it. You’ll walk away with at least 10 nuggets or knowledge to use in your organization. 

1. “Intentionality”

Brian is a fan of being very intentional about what you post, even if it’s less often. That’s right. Post. Less. Often. And, in his experience, it performs better. Why? Because people are waiting for it.

We can’t get away from the concept that quality trumps quantity. If you’re not creating outstanding content no one will pay attention to it. So even if it takes you longer to produce something truly valuable and interesting, you’ll ultimately get a bigger impact from doing that rather than churning out something that’s mediocre or worse.

2. Perfection isn’t a requirement for being valuable

Sure you can go buy the best equipment and spend tons of time in production of great content, but that doesn’t guarantee anything other than you’ll use up time and money. Instead, focus on putting a message out there that you really care about, that you’re an expert on, that you can share valuable insight into, or that provides useful information.

3. It takes time to get good at something

Don’t be misled that that one though. You can do something for years and stink at it unless your focus is on notable improvement over time. In giving 10,000 hours to a skill, there’s no doubt you got significantly better.

4. Facebook is the gold standard for Live, but LinkedIn isn’t far behind

LinkedIn doesn’t YET offer a Live video option, but If you do a Live on Facebook it’s still relevant to LinkedIn. Break it up into smaller segments and post it on LinkedIn or create a 2-3 minute teaser of a longer video.

5. LinkedIn is where Brian spends most of his social time

Why? People tend to behave better. Not surprising, right? The conversations are more valuable, LinkedIn doesn’t register on big business radar as social, so folks who aren’t permitted to be on Facebook or Twitter while at work are often allowed to be on LinkedIn. There’s less noise. And, the most important, video is huge because there aren’t too many true creators. It’s underutilized and a fantastic opportunity to spread a message and connect in a meaningful way.

For LinkedIn it to be an effective tool, you need to:

  • have a really great profile,
  • be very specific and intentional on what you do and people should know what that is really quickly, and5share awesome content.

6. Infographics are amazing and here’s why.

When done well, they’re the product of:

  • research and storytelling
  • outstanding design – Instead of throwing things together, spend the time it takes to create a piece of stand-out content that actually has an impact.
  • components that can be chopped up and repurposed in a way that makes them relevant for awareness, sales, marketing, reach and impact for years.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear everything Brian Wallace has to share about Live video, creating inspired and intentional content, getting engagement, and TONS of media coverage. Join Digital Marketing Insiders to watch the interview plus hear from other experts, get digital marketing updates, and have your questions answered.

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