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4 Ways to Leverage Your Unseen Awareness Machine with Shannon Paul

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Melissa Byers

Dec 31 2018

Our Digital Marketing Insiders recently had the opportunity to join us for an interview with Shannon Paul, VP of Brand Content & Social Media Director for Fifth Third Bank. If learning from recognized industry experts is on your to-do list, click here for more information.  

Content Marketing That Boosts Awareness

Shannon is no stranger to social media success in the highly-regulated banking industry. Her experience in delighting audiences has boosted brand awareness exponentially. She shared four ways to leverage your digital presence and get people to keep it top of mind.

  • Partnerships – None of us are an island. Partnerships, when used effectively, can produce huge results. Leverage them in a way that works for your audience, your objectives, and your success. Fifth Third Bank partnered with The Discovery Channel during their very popular Shark Week with their Fee Shark video. These partnerships don’t have big scale and formal, though. Even in a small business situation, you can promote other businesses and get the same in return. 
  • Make it Ownable – Some of the best and most memorable promotions commit a common sin – the audience doesn’t know the brand. No matter how good the content, it doesn’t really do any good if people don’t know the comes from you. Attention spans are short, so do it fast and in an obvious way. 
  • Be Audacious – Surprise and delight your audience so they talk about you.You have to be unreasonable and unexpected, and do something that defies rationale thought. At Fifth Third, they offered new parents of babies born on 5/3 a $1053 deposit into a college savings account. It surely wasn’t something they could do for everyone, but it did get them talking.
  • Take a Stand – There is a ton of way to bring your value to your content. A lot of businesses are hesitant because you could lose customers. At Fifth Third, they’re openly supportive of the LGBTQ community. Yes, they get some negative feedback, but the positivity far outweighs it.

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