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Live Blog from #SummitUp: A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

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Patrick Carroll

Oct 15 2013

Digital MarketingVisual Marketing IS the next big thing

Your brain processes images 60,000x quicker than text.  Because social media is so cluttered you want your audience to be able to efficiently interact with your content through imagery.   

We all know that posts with photos are liked 2x as much as those with links! The fastest growing social media site, Pinterest, exists solely because people interact with and are more deeply engaged with pictures. If you’re not producing content with images, you’re missing views, clicks, and engagement.

Tips for taking advantage of visual marketing!

Instagram, Pinterest, and the big brands that use them are proving that people want AUTHENTIC photos, making them believe and buy-in to the experience. You want your picture to be worth 1000 really awesome, unique words.

These are more great tips for success in visual marketing:

  • Optimize your website for Pinterest: Make sure there are pinnable, relevant images that are DIRECTLY related to the content.
  • Use unique photos that offer a sense of reality to customers. Make them believe!
  • Be in the right places! Users on Instagram and Pinterest are more engaged than on other social networks.
  • Engaged users are more likely to search and share:
    80% of pins are re-pins. #Hashtags are incredibly successful on Instagram.
  • If you Really Really want to use text… Use infographics! They can be repinned, posted, and shared on blogs.
  • Have visual content on deck. Having a database of content that you can reuse, recycle, and add to relevant content can help you better tell your story visually.
  • Tell the story! When you create GREAT content, pin it, post it, gram it, and SHARE your story.

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