Mobile Marketing Strategies Cheat Sheet

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Patrick Carroll

Jun 18 2014

Is your digital marketing strategy mobile ready? Use this cheat sheet to evaluate each portion of your mobile marketing strategy. If you haven’t already optimized for mobile, the potential improvements to your marketing strategy could be incredible. And, if you’re really serious about taking your mobile marketing to the next level, join us for a mobile marketing training course where we’ll go in-depth into each of the concepts you’ll see in the infographic below.

Mobile Marketing Cheat Sheet

Your Mobile Website

Visitors expect everything to be mobile optimized and are quick to leave sites that are difficult to use from their phone or tablet. Poor navigation or improperly sized images could be the difference between a hot lead and a bounce.

Mobile Ads

Online ads need to be optimized for your mobile marketing strategy. A call to action that’s appropriate for mobile should be paired with a mobile landing page. Use this checklist to get the most value from your mobile advertising.

Mobile Optimized Content

How can you expect someone to share your content if it’s not mobile friendly? A proper mobile marketing strategy will consider that much of your audience is mobile and your content should be optimized so that their viewing experience isn’t limited by their screen size.

Mobile Applications

Although apps aren’t the right option for most businesses, understanding the apps that your customers use can be valuable. From Yelp to Snapchat, there are hundreds of apps that may help you better engage your customers on their mobile devices.

Mobile Optimized E-mail

High e-mail open rates are great, but are your e-mails friendly to read on a 5-inch screen? Huge images and over-the-top formatting will get your e-mail deleted in an instant. Review the cheat sheet and TEST your e-mails on mobile devices before they’re sent.

It’s beyond time to get your mobile marketing strategy together. To learn more about mobile marketing strategies, sign up for the Mobile Marketing course today.

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