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How Netflix Made Investor Relations Interesting on YouTube

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Allison Chaney

Nov 21 2017

It strikes me as funny that we’re talking about Netflix content on YouTube, but Netflix did something really interesting and unexpected recently that might have the PR world thinking differently about those quarterly earnings calls.

There is a type of PR called Investor Relations which focuses on communicating financial information to a company’s investors, shareholders, government authorities, and the financial community. Traditionally this includes lengthy reports and earnings calls which, on the surface, doesn’t sound very interesting unless you have a large financial stake in a company.

But Netflix has been live streaming their quarterly earnings calls on YouTube and recently they did something really cool. The normal call is about an hour, and it’s the typical content you’d expect to see. But fast forward to the end of the video and you’ll see that two of the men on the call disappear, only to re-appear in Stranger Things themed “ugly Christmas sweaters.”

This was an interesting way to call attention to a popular Netflix series, “Stranger Things,” and the fact that the sweater can be purchased at Target. The objective of this stunt was to promote the second season of the show, as well as a new business of merchandising that Netflix is entering into. For shareholders, this could mean big things if it becomes a significant revenue stream for Netflix.

This example illustrates the power of digital and social media in getting your message heard. So, before you think your subject matter is too boring for YouTube or social media, look to companies like Netflix who are leveraging social networks to drive engagement and awareness of their messaging.

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