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New Google Plus View Counter Replaces +1 on Pages

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Wondering where your Google+ Page's +1s Went?

Carolyn Coates

Apr 08 2014

If you’re an active Google+ user for personal or company use, you may have noticed that on March 31st, company +1 tallies were replaced by the new ‘View Feature’ appearing next to your follower count. What does this mean? As someone who has spent time and effort trying to improve Boot Camp Digital’s Google+ overall +1s, I had many questions about this change.

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Understanding Google+ view counts – here’s how they work…

Views come from visiting a profile or company page and its content. Every time a post or photo is viewed in a Google+ stream, whether it’s clicked on or engaged with or not, it counts as a view. Essentially, when the post has been visible on someone’s screen, it’s counted as being viewed. A shared post counts as a view for the person who shared it and the original poster. For profile views to count towards the views counted, your profile or company page must be clicked on and opened by the user. 

A few things you need to know about Google view count:

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  • They are not exact and not updated in real time
  • Views are counted from October 2012 forward
  • View counts have replaced the +1 – the total +1 counter still in the Google+ API & on on-site buttons (for now)
  • Page managers can choose to hide the view count to the public in their settings
  • Images on Blogger blogs are hosted on Google+ and therefore count as views for the associated profile

Bringing it back to what matters…

For some time, many Google+ users have focused on follower counts and overall +1s – this is Google’s attempt to focus on what marketers strive for, increased reach. For those who were paying spammy sites to increase +1s and followers, the focus is back to original, engaging content, making those numbers useless from this point on. 

Google wants you to create interesting content that makes people want more. Together, this will improve your status on Google+ and bring more users to the network.

Does this mean +1s are irrelevant?

NO. Posts and images can still receive a +1 that can multiply your view count. If someone +1’s a post, it’s pushed out to their extended network and their followers. These recommended posts count as views for the original poster.

You’re new goal should be acquiring fans who care enough about what you have to say to add you to their circles and share or +1 your posts. This exposure and reach is what matters most.

So the biggest question, what do you do next?

GoogleHow many times have you looked up a company on social networks to determine whether they are worth your time? While numbers might not always be accurate, it’s common practice online today. Increasing your view count will help you build an audience and improve your credibility. 

  • Create posts and images that best resonate with your followers
  • Get noticed on Google+ – posts in communities count as views, take the opportunity to post and join the conversation
  • Build a network of real followers – active and engaging followers become your brand advocates and will help increase your count

Having a strong Google+ presence is becoming inevitable. With influences in Google Search, it’s time to get started if you haven’t already – take advantage of everything Google+ can offer and what is yet to come.



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