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Organic Social Media is Making a Comeback. NOW is the Time to Strike

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Krista Neher

Aug 19 2022

Organic social media is dead. Paid must be a part of your strategy. This has been the prevailing mindset in social media marketing for the last 5 – 10 years.

And for good reason. Algorithms have destroyed organic reach for most social media platforms. On Facebook organic reach is under 1% for businesses. LinkedIn isn’t great either.

BUT this is all changing. We are on the cusp of one of the biggest changes to social media we’ve seen in years.

AND the best news is that it can give businesses tremendous reach and results.

Discover Algorithms Re-Ignite Organic Social Media

A big part of the appeal of TikTok is the algorithm. It has an uncanny ability to show you exactly what you want to see. It makes TikTok addictive. People spend hours watching content.

The TikTok algorithm is based on discovery. It isn’t about showing you videos from the people you follow it is about showing you content you’ll love.

Discovery algorithms help you discover great content. Regardless of whether or not you proactively follow an account.

Mark Zuckerberg announced the Meta products (Facebook and Instagram) will be moving more towards a discovery-based algorithm to compete with TikTok.

This could be HUGE for businesses who understand how to create great content.

Discovery Algorithms = Massive Organic Reach

Discovery algorithms result in huge organic reach. Instagram Reels and TikTok are based on discovery. Here are some examples I’ve seen of the impact:

  • I created a reel that got 3K views and 354 likes in half a day. I have NEVER seen that impact on Facebook.
  • A small business created their first reel in 5 minutes at a workshop. It wasn’t the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. They ran up to me at the end of the day because they had 50 thousand views.
  • A business on TikTok broke 1 million views on a video with only 300 followers on their account.

Discovery algorithms bring back the opportunity for actual virality on social media marketing. Brands can “go viral” with amazing reach – far beyond their “followers” or network.

This creates huge new opportunities for organic content and reach.

What Can You Do?

Strike while the iron is hot. Now is the time to learn about and master the algorithms and get excited about creating organic content that has impact.

  1. Evaluate your content strategy for topics that work in the new discovery algorithms.
  2. Look at content on discovery platforms to understand the formats that do well and why.
  3. Build a content plan to experiment with and create this type of content.
  4. Start posting now to platforms with discovery algorithms to accelerate your success.
  5. Learn, test, execute. Get results fast by mastering this before your competitors.

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