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Social Media Strategy

People Go Online for 3 Reasons. Leverage That For Your Social Media.

People go online for 3 basic reasons.


Everything you do online falls into one of the following three reasons.

  1. To get information
  2. To be entertained
  3. To connect with other people


If you want to be successful in online marketing, you have to know this and leverage it.


As you build your social media strategy, as yourself, which of the 3 am I meeting?  I work with hundreds of businesses each year, and I have found that when you start to think about social media in relation to the reasons that people go online, your content strategy becomes much clearer.


When you think about your social media content, ask yourself:

  • Am I giving someone useful or relevant information?
  • Am I entertaining them?
  • Am I helping connect them with someone they care about?

If not, you might not be adding value.


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