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Putting VR to Work in the Travel Industry

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Allison Chaney

Aug 15 2019

We just got back from speaking at the Belize Tourism Board’s Digital Marketing Summit and one of the trends and power tips we shared was about VR (virtual reality).

VR and AR are trending in digital marketing and this exciting media format is great for driving awareness and interest. The power tip we shared was to look for creative ways to use AR and VR in your content.

As the technology improves, it is also becoming more affordable and therefore more widely used. But don’t wait until all your competitors are doing it. Be the first one to show up with a cool VR experience and you’re sure to capture an audience that you can nurture into becoming a client.

After my presentation, a local airline in Belize – Tropic Air – came up to me and shared that they are looking into creating a VR experience for their business. At first they thought it would be cool to take a virtual dive in the famous Big Blue Hole, but their fear is that once people feel like they’ve had an experience, they may not feel the need to see it in person. So the first VR project they are embarking on is actually an experience that helps users understand what the check in process looks like and what to expect when they hire Tropic Air.

Of course, we loved that they are thinking about VR, and we had a couple tips.

  1. The key to success with VR is surprises. Think of ways you can hide interesting things throughout the experience. This engages users and can really amplify your message by creating something that is highly shareable. But it also can create a feeling in the viewer that they absolutely MUST experience this in real life, not just virtual!
  2. Create an experience that satisfies the user’s need – think of your customers first. They thought of the user and what THEY need, and they realized that their users have questions about the process and a VR experience can make it both informative and interesting. It’s a win-win!

We loved talking with Tropic Air and learning about the way they are considering integrating VR into their strategy. They aren’t afraid to take a risk and create some Hero content that can really wow the audience and set them apart from their competitors.

We can’t wait to see their VR experience! What ideas do you have for integrating VR into your marketing plan?

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