Refresh your business blog: 3 post types that you’re forgetting to use

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Patrick Carroll

Sep 19 2014

Refresh your blog

Whether you have an intern or an entire content team managing your blog, your content calendar can get stale. Most blogs fall into the trap of posting the same types of content over and over. It’s easy to reuse the same format, and we’re comfortable with familiar post types, so our blogs can easily lose all sense of creativity.

Personal and Inspirational Posts

People love gossip, reality, TV, and reading your diary… Some of the most popular and lucrative blogs are glorified journals with high-res pictures. People want to know more about you; they want to feel like they’re getting an exclusive look inside. Of course, this style of posting doesn’t apply on a daily basis to most business blogs, but just think about how a peek into your organization could humanize your blog/business and how that can build relationships. Don’t be an over-sharer, but don’t be afraid to let your audience in, especially if you can inspire them with a great story.

This post-type works in almost any industry, from B2B to the local Taco joint


“How our Canadian employees are celebrating Thanksgiving.”

“The heartwarming story behind Chef Jean’s new tapas menu.”

In-depth analysis

What sometimes happens with content creation is a focus on volume rather than quality and depth. Often times our content creators have other jobs, like running a business, and don’t have time to create New York Times-worthy articles. Taking the time to step up your game and offer up something of real value is a great way to refresh that stale B2B blog.

This type of post is great for B2B companies that want to showcase their expertise and grab the attention of a specific industry. Find a niche that will LOVE the topic and really dive into the details.


“Turning 30% of e-mail opens into an in-store visit.”

“How to boost product page shares by 30%, and the ROI that follows.”

Super-Targeted Posts

Another trap that we fall into as content creators is making content that appeals to too large an audience. If your goal is to include everyone, how can you really impress anyone? Not every post needs to have a small targeted audience, but adding super-targeted posts into your content calendar each month will let you command the attention of specific niches you’re seeking.

While these niche posts may not initially have massive reach, they are generally more effective at driving interest and action.


“How to charge for social media marketing services.”


Let us know how you’ve stepped out of the box and seen results. What types of posts are you hoping to publish more of in the future?

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