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Announcing Our New Social Media Stories Marketing Training Course

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Allison Chaney

Apr 23 2019

We are VERY excited to share with you the launch of our Stories for Instagram and Facebook Training Course. Social Media Stories have become the “next big thing” in social media. Stories, as a format, began on SnapChat as a quick, in-the-moment way to share content that disappears in 24 hours. Facebook and Instagram now have Stories and as usage grows rapidly, so do the marketing opportunities. In our new Social Media Stories Marketing course, you will learn how to post Stories that drive results for your personal brand or business.

Why are Social Media Stories Important for Businesses?

Social Media Stories are an effective way to reach a wider audience and build a more personal connection with them. Because the platform is meant for in-the-moment content, it allows brands to be more authentic and real, which builds a more human connection with their audience.  Here are 3 reasons why you should consider Social Media Stories in your digital plan.

1. Stories is HUGE and growing.

Stories is quickly becoming the primary way users share content with their friends on Facebook and Instagram. Usage is shifting to Stories on these platforms. Facebook has stated that “it looks like Stories will be a bigger medium than [news] feed has been.”

80% of Instagram users watch Stories every day.

There are over 400 million daily users of Stories.

Stories is HUGE.

2. Stories have amazing visibility.

Stories appear at the top of the social media feed, so they are the first thing that users see when they open their app. By using Stories, you’re increasing your visibility to your audience by appearing at the top of the feed.

3. Stories are cost-effective.

Social media Stories are meant for in-the-moment, real content, so there’s no need for fancy staging and professional equipment. And because they expire in 24 hours, it doesn’t make sense to spend too much time on something that will only be live for about a day. Stories are expected to be raw, less produced, and imperfect. For this reason, they can be produced cost-effectively and still drive big results.

What is Included in our Social Media Stories Marketing Course?

Our Stories for Instagram and Facebook Training Course gives you everything you need to know about creating Stories that get results. We start with an overview so you understand exactly what Stories are and how they work for businesses. Then you will learn how to create great stories on Facebook and Instagram and analyze results to improve over time.

You get more than four hours of beginner, strategic, and advanced training, plus downloadable PDF resources to support your implementation.

The following is a list of included videos and their length.

Stories 100: Overview

Stories: What Are Stories? (1:42)
Stories: Size, Growth and Importance of Stories (5:07)
Stories: Where Are Stories? (3:48)
Stories: What Content Works for Stories? (2:59)
Stories: Stories Are Different Than Posts (2:12)
Stories: Stories Benefits (6:04)
Stories: Why People Use Stories (2:28)
Stories: Why Businesses Use Stories (3:14)
Stories: How Businesses Can Use Stories (3:08)
Stories: How Businesses Use Stories (3:11)

Stories 200: Setup

Stories: Best Practices (10:48)
Stories: Steps for Using Stories (1:34)
Stories: Strategy (10:33)
Stories: Choose Your Objectives (6:13)
Stories: Posting a Story – Getting Started: Align Content to Objective (8:09)
Stories: Posting a Story – Getting Started: Choosing the Right Platform (3:00)
Stories: Three Elements of a Story (7:13)
Stories: Optimal Length (3:33)
Stories: Optimal Time to Post (3:07)
Stories: Optimal Post Frequency (1:03)
Stories: Post Types (1:42)
Stories: Stories That Get Results (9:03)
Stories: How to Post Stories – Desktop vs. Mobile (1:03)
Stories: Scheduling Stories (2:20)
Stories: Integrating Stories with Your Overall Strategy (6:39)

Stories 300: Optimize

Stories: Analyze Results – Where to Find the Data (5:37)
Stories: Analyze Results – What You Should Measure (9:33)
Google Analytics: Conversion Tracking Implementation (7:55)
Stories: Analyze Results – Getting Insights from Data (12:28)
Stories: How to Get More Views of Your Stories (3:54)
Stories: How to Make Stories Posts More Interesting (7:43)
Stories: Ads (1:12)
Stories: Ads – Benefits (3:30)
Stories: Ads – Where Are Stories Ads Available? (0:58)
Stories: Ads – Setup Tips (11:38)
Stories: Ads – Steps to Setup Stories Ads (8:37)
Stories: Ads – Best Practices (2:19)

Stories 400: Execution by Platform

Stories: Instagram Stories Overview (12:44)
Stories: Instagram Stories Highlights (11:12)
Stories: Instagram Stories Features (18:21)
Stories: Shoppable Instagram Stories (4:42)
Stories: How to Get Your Instagram Stories onto the Explore Page (4:02)
Stories: Facebook Stories Overview (14:12)

To learn more about or register for the new Social Media Stories Training Course, click here.

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