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The Social Media Amplification Theory

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Krista Neher

Jul 15 2013

Social media is in many ways an amplifier. It takes what people are saying and makes it louder.

The Social Media Amplification Theory

Before social media, if I had a good or bad experience with a company, I would share that experience with my friends. The issue was that I could only reach about 10 people a week with my story. Plus, it was very time consuming, as I would have to tell each person the story each time.

With Twitter, in only 30 seconds I can share an experience with 15,000 people. On Twitter I can share my experience with over 2,000 people.

Social Media Amplifies Your Brand Story

The truth is that social media has the opportunity to amplify your brand story. It accelerates and amplifies what people are already saying about you. The true power of social media for businesses is that of an amplifier.

Is social media amplifying an well composed symphony or annoying screeching feedback?

Are people spreading good or bad messages about your business?

In this respect, I sometimes feel that we have missed the point of social media marketing.

Sure you need a brand page, and encouraging people to post/share/like content on the page is important, but more important is the brand message that is being amplified naturally and organically on the private Facebook streams of your customers.

I’ve used the example of Swiffer in the past. I think that the Swiffer Sweep and Vac is one of the best products ever. I’ll never like their Facebook page – I’ve already bought the product and I don’t want to talk about cleaning or look at posts about cleaning.

That being said, I mention the brand whenever I think about it and have recommended it on my own Facebook page many times.

I am amplifying their brand message. I am sharing the great experience with my friends – and it isn’t happening on their page.

Like an amplifier you can turn up the Volume

As you consider your social media marketing plan, ask yourself, what messages do you want to amplify? Do you have a plan to drive amplification? For example, if people love your customer service, can you ask them to share their love on Facebook? If you have an amazing product, could you run a photo contest showcasing people using it?

Whatever the case is, consider proactively turning up the volume on your amplifier. Build a plan that asks people to share the things that they like about you.

The only real problem is if you don’t have anything worth amplifying. Then you have a bigger problem.

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