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The Two Questions Every Business Should Ask When Building A Brand

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Allison Chaney

Apr 20 2021

I just completed a workshop for The Rosie Network, an organization that develops entrepreneurial programs for active-duty, veterans and military spouses. The topic of my conversation with this group of entrepreneurs was branding.

I was asked to speak about branding and how a business can build a strong brand. I shared two key questions that every business should ask when building a brand. These two questions will help you define your brand in a way that resonates with your audience.

Brands are really about two things:
1) What you DO
2) The PERCEPTION of what you do

When defining your brand, start with the core of your business – what you do. Your brand is an answer to a question in the world. Your brand is a solution to a common problem in your target audience. It should distinguish you from other brands in a memorable way.  A great way to build a strong brand is to start by defining clearly what you do differently and better than the competition. Ask your team: “What do we do here?

The answers from your team may be surprising. But this is an opportunity to notice the key functions of your brand and how it is being communicated among your team.

Brands are also about the perception of what you do. Your brand isn’t just about what you and your team think you do, but it’s about how your consumers think about what you do. Ask your customers “Why did you choose us?

This may be eye-opening as well, as you may discover that one singular feature resonates more with your consumers than anything else. Focus your brand on the key reason that your consumers chose you. This will help you keep your message targeted and focused on one single point.

When you begin with what you do and why your consumers choose you, the key aspects of your brand become more clear. Build your brand messaging around these key talking points and eliminate all the other noise. This approach will help you build a strong brand.

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