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Carolyn Coates

Jul 19 2013

Social media continued to change and improve this week, not much of a surprise, right? Facebook Pages revamped their Insights, Twitter for BlackBerry got a facelift, and Foursquare and LinkedIn updates allow users to connect and interact more easily.

1. New Facebook Page Insights Now Available!

The new Facebook Page Insights give you more information and clear up any confusion that many had using the previous setup. The “People Talking About Us” section is now broken down into more useable data, while “Virality” – a somewhat mysterious metric for Facebook Pages – became “Engagement Rate” that now takes clicks on your post into consideration.

The data on your fans has vastly improved – not only can you get demographics on your fans, you can now see the demographics on those who are most engaged or reached by your posts. Facebook Page Insights also has a new feature that shows you what day and time(s) your fans are most active on Facebook.

So how does this new system help your business? The new setup allows you to get  much more information on those interacting with your Facebook page. You can cater your posts around the days and time(s) your fans are most active and you can also see what posts are the most successful. In the end, it’s all about what the consumers want!

For a little help understanding the new setup, check out this tutorial:


2. Twitter Update for Blackberry

For all you BlackBerry users, the new Twitter update will allow you connect better to the people and topics of interest. This long-awaited update, launched on Tuesday, allows you to access multiple Twitter accounts, view, reply, and compose direct messages, save photos to your camera roll, and other top features.

If you’re running BlackBerry 10, visit your App Store to install the new Twitter update.

3. Foursquare Gets Friendly

foursquare-mention-taggingFoursquare gave into their users’ most requested feature and now allows users to “check in” their friends on Foursquare. Rather than everyone taking out their phone and checking in, one person can check in the whole group and be on their way. Every time someone checks you in, you receive a notification and can delete it if need be – so don’t worry about any pranks. A blog post by Foursquare recently explained the changes:

We built this so people could spend less time on their phones, and more time having fun.

So what does this mean for you? If you’re a Foursquare user, sit back and let your friend check you in every once in a while. If you’re a business, this could increase the number of folks checking in with you and more opportunities for reviews
and publicity!

4. LinkedIn Becomes More Personalized

Though this happened late last month, we wanted to fill you in on recent LinkedIn improvements that will give users a more personalized homepage.

who's viewed your updates“Who’s Viewed Your Updates” is a new feature to give a snapshot of what you’ve shared over the past two weeks, who has seen it, and any interaction with the post. The overview includes first, second, and third degree networks.

“You Recently Visited” shows the profiles you’ve recently viewed that, according to company product lead Caroline Gaffney, will make it easier to follow-up and reconnect with others.

How will these new features help you? Both personal and business accounts on LinkedIn show impressions and interactions with status updates. This will show you what your professional connections are interested in and how to increase your impact.

Be sure to catch up with us next Friday and if you have any suggestions for next week’s post, let us know!



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