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This Week in Social Media: Improved Facebook Insights, Promote Twitter Ads on Mobile, Mind-Blowing Stats from 2013, and More!

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Carolyn Coates

Dec 27 2013

This Week in Social MediaAs we wrap up 2013, a few last minute updates will start the year off with a bang. Facebook made strides by adding real-time data in Insights and launching video ads while Twitter allows promoted ads on mobile timelines and tests an edit tweet button. LinkedIn improves content search for influencers and redesigns your inbox to better connect. Take a look at the final numbers for 2013!

1. Facebook Page Insights with Real-Time Data

Recent Insight updates include the ability for Page admins to get real-time data on post and page metrics. Additionally, Page data is now available back to July 19, 2011 (when Facebook Page Insights first launched).

Page Visits

Does this matter to you?

Being able to see more past data will help you better develop a more effective strategy on Facebook. Real-time updates allow Page admins to watch time-sensitive campaigns closely and react accordingly.

2. Promoted Ads in Mobile Timeline

Photo Dec 27, 10 33 01 AM

Twitter recently rolled out Promoted Accounts for iOS and Android mobile devices displaying naturally in the mobile timeline.

How can this help you?

60% (and growing) of Twitter users access Twitter through their mobile device. Taking advantage of this opportunity and build a solid follower base by getting in front of mobile users.

3. Influencer Content Search on LinkedIn

Directly from your search box, you can now easily find Influencer posts on any topic. Check out the SlideShare to see how it works:

A New Way to Search for Influencer Content on LinkedIn from LinkedIn

How can you use this?

This new feature allows you to better connect and find content relevant to you on LinkedIn – use this as a way to join the conversation, build some credibility, and grow your professional network.

4. Facebook Now Testing Video Ads

facebook-video-adsEarlier this week Facebook announced they are now officially testing video ads on auto-play. On desktop and mobile devices connected to Wi-Fi ads will auto-play with no sound.

Why does this matter?

For now, Facebook is not disclosing the price for when video ads are available. Marketers will be able to reach a large audience in a short amount of time – Facebook claims of 10% more views, likes, comments, and shares. Still in the testing phase, it’s undetermined of how this will be received by users.

5. Twitter Rumored to Add Edit Tweet Button

Twitter BirdGiving users a limited time frame to edit after publishing, an “edit tweet” button will be immediately reflected in the original tweet and all retweets. Twitter limits the number of edits and created an algorithm to prevent users from entirely changing the original message.

How can this help you?

A highly requested feature, many think this will change the game on how Twitter is used for sharing breaking news. If you see the edit button pop up, send us a picture!

6. Improved LinkedIn Inbox

LI InboxA new design with larger photos allows you to better manage conversations with a preview of new messages. Better navigation will allow you to quickly sort through messages and invitations with ease.

Why does this matter?

Connecting on LinkedIn can create customers, clients, partners, and relationships that will launch your career. To improve your presence on LinkedIn, check out our upcoming LinkedIn training: Putting LinkedIn to Work for You and read some LinkedIn tips to get started today.

7. Mind-Blowing Stats from 2013

As we wrap up this year, here are some huge numbers to keep in mind:

  • There are now more than 230 million active users on Twitter
  • A branded Vine video is four times more likely to be seen than a regular branded video
  • 95% of Facebook users login to their account daily
  • Pinterest drives 41% of the referrals to e-commerce sites
  • Click here for the infographic with more amazing stats…

For a more entertaining way to get the facts and wrap up this short work week, check out this video:


Create Less #FoodPorn – 9 social media resolutions for 2014 – A must read!

Check back next time to stay on top of what’s new in social media. If you have any comments or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you.

Happy New Year!

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