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This Week in Social Media: Instagram Rumored to Add Messaging, LinkedIn Launches Showcase Pages, an App to Virtually Mourn Loved Ones, and More!

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Carolyn Coates

Nov 29 2013

TWISM22Not only did the past week bring floods of photos from Thanksgiving meals but also the rumors of changes to Instagram.

Additionally, Facebook has been improving ads, LinkedIn launched Showcase Pages, Twitter improves search, an app is launched to mourn those lost, and the unfortunate word of the year that has inevitably just caused more of them to exist.

1. Instagram Adding Private Messages?

Rumors say Instagram will soon be adding private messages and possibly even group messaging for users.


What does this mean?

While adding these features takes away from Instagram’s simplicity and “only-photos” reputation, photos can create a connection and private messaging will allow more opportunities for your brand to turn that connection into a conversation with consumers.

2. Facebook Revamps Ads

Facebook announced changes to simplify managing ads with less steps: the ability to see spend limit history of past campaigns, better ad-targeting suggestions, as well as simplified interests targeting by combining categories and interests.

SimplifiedInterestsTargetingHow can this help you?

Users who use the “spend limit” are now able to view spend limit histories to help budget for future ads. Ad-targeting suggestions and simplifying interests collectively help target Facebook users who will be interested in your add in a few simple steps.

3. New LinkedIn Showcase Pages

LIShowcaseA week ago, LinkedIn launched Showcase Pages that will allow LinkedIn members to follow a specific brand or program rather than an entire company.

Does this matter to you?

These pages allow companies to highlight brands or products to build relationships with consumers and create brand loyalty – take advantage of them. You can create a Showcase Page by going to your Company Page, clicking the drop-down next to Edit and click “Create a Showcase Page.” Take a look at Adobe Marketing Cloud Showcase Page to see how these pages look.

4. Twitter Improves Search

Refined TweetsNew search options will soon be added to Android and iOS mobile apps that will allow users to search for specific topics in photos or videos, search for a topic in Tweets from only their friends, and now see search results in grid or list layout.

How can you take advantage of this?

With searches becoming more filtered, it could make it more difficult to be seen by those who don’t follow your brand on Twitter. Try to optimize your Twitter account with interesting photos and Tweets that create engagement. If a trending topic applies to your brand or industry, join in the conversation and be seen.

5. Sanctri – the New Virtual Memorial Page

LifebookFacebook recently launched the app Sanctri to create a space for users to mourn and celebrate a life in replacement of posting on the Facebook page of a deceased loved one. You can create a page, invite friends and family to view or contribute to it, and post images or comments on the wall.

How does this apply to you?

Some will find this appealing, others might think it’s odd – I’m interested to see if it takes off. If you are in the industry that is applicable to this audience, it could be something to look into for future marketing possibilities.

Side Note: Selfies are Taking Over…

As you may have heard, the Oxford Dictionary chose “selfie” as the word of the year since usage in the past year increased by 17,000%. I’m not sure which is more worrisome: the fact that there are over 57 million photos on Instagram alone with #selfie, or that it’s officially recognized as being a legitimate and appropriate act.

Stop by next time to see what’s new in social media – I welcome any comments or suggestions!


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