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This Week in Social Media: LinkedIn Company Pages, Yelp, Facebook Mobile and Google Maps Ads

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Carolyn Coates

Aug 23 2013

This week in social media by Boot Camp DigitalMany things happened in the world of social media the past week. Mobile usage is growing exponentially while many networks constantly try to make their sites more mobile friendly. LinkedIn greatly improved its analytics for company pages and Google maps now has interactive ads.

1. LinkedIn Improves Company Page Analytics

As LinkedIn continues to take over and become vital to professionals, LinkedIn recently improved business page analytics to better show the engagement and success of your posts. Now admins can track tops showing interactions, impressions, and clicks as well as follower demographics and how some viewers came across your page.

A new feature also includes the “How You Compare” option to see how your Company Page ranks against others in the industry. Check out this video that gives a brief overview of the new features…


Why does this matter to you?

Many companies have noticed significant traffic on their LinkedIn Company Page. LinkedIn has a different audience than other social networks, analyze and use the new information given to target them appropriately.

2. Yelp Allows Mobile Reviews 

Photo Aug 22, 5 14 10 PM

Before, Yelpers could check in at local businesses and leave a short tip. Now, they are able to add a review right from their mobile device. Being used on almost 10.4 unique mobile devices last quarter alone, Yelp is one of the top sites turned to when people are on-the-go.

How can this help your business?

Mouth-to-mouth advertising is often most reliable to consumers. Keep in mind that now, customers can literally leave a review for your business as they stand in line. It’s important to use Yelp to your advantage – keep track of what’s said about your business.

3. Facebook Reveals High Mobile Usage

手に持ったスマートフォンFacebook recently released that 78% of US Facebook users are mobile. From Q1 to Q2, Facebook’s mobile active user globally increased by 10.3%. While US is most active on Facebook via mobile devices, it’s expected to continue to grow in other countries.

How does this affect your business?

It’s no surprise that mobile use is on the climb, marketing strategies for business need to effectively plan and target their campaigns to be more mobile friendly.

Facebook Monthly Active Users

4. Google Maps Now Has Ads


A recent Google maps upgrade now includes advertisements in accordance to the search. When users click the ad, name, address, hours, and a call button is displayed. Advertisers are charged by cost-per-click and again if the user engages my clicking the address or phone number presented.

How can these changes help you?

If you have the money to spend, it would be beneficial to jump in on this opportunity. Google currently dominates with the highest ad revenue and they don’t plan on going anywhere.

Stop by next week to stay on top of the latest information in social media!

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