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This Week in Social Media: Pinterest Starts Related Pins, Respond to Twitter’s @MagicRecs Messages, Facebook Tracks Cursor Movement, and More!

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Carolyn Coates

Nov 01 2013

TWISM22FlatHappy November! Not only did this week bring Halloween madness blowing up our social networks but a few top sites made some big updates. This week brought related Pins for Pinterest, a new feature with the Twitter recommendation account, Facebook cursor tracking, and new features for Google+ users.

1. Pinterest Introduces Related Pins

Related PinPinterest is all about sharing with friends. To find things you will love, Pinterest now offers recommendations through “related Pins’ to the right of your home feed.  Select the thumbs up or down to send Pinterest feedback and their suggestions will become more accurate!

What does this mean for your business?

Detailed board and pin descriptions will help searchers find your Pin. Related Pins go to show that when your business creates a strong Pinterest account with interesting photos and descriptions, a lot of the work can be done for you – you just need to keep up the interaction!

2. Twitter Users Can Now Reply to Recommendation Messages

In late September, I told you about @MagicRecs – a Twitter-operated account that will send you direct messages with suggestions on who to follow. This week, Twitter announced that users can now reply to these messages with either “good” or “bad” depending on their thoughts about the suggestions.

Magic Recs

How does this affect you?

Social networks are starting to pay attention and cater to users more and more. If you do receive suggestions from @MagicRecs, don’t hesitate to take a second and respond so they can continue to offer you better and better suggestions.

3. Facebook Tracks Cursor Movements

FB TrackingOut of all of the social networks, it’s likely that Facebook knows the most about its users. Facebook is now experimenting with technology that collects data on a users activity – testing it with a small group of users.

Why does this matter?

As a user, it just means that Facebook is collecting more information about you. As a business, Facebook can use cursor information to determine the best place for ads when target marketing – this could help you down the road.

4. Google+ New Features

Recent updates for Google+ aim to improve visual media techniques. Photo search in Google is expected to improve as is photo editing options with quick-edit functions. Auto Awesome for photos and Auto Awesome Movie for movies is the new web-based editing in Google – all compete with Apple’s iPhoto and iMovie.

Check out the video of what new Auto Awesome Video can do…


What should you take away from this?

Being web-based editing services, these new features could be an incredibly easy way for anyone to quickly put together a video. Google+ continues to grow – now in 2nd place with over 350 million active users. If you’re not on Google+, get on and check these features out.

5. Recent Social Media Marketing Stats

Social media stats are always changing, here are a few to keep in mind…

  • 80% of US internet users can be reached through social media and blogs
  • 52% of marketers have gained a customer through Facebook
  • 35% of marketers have gained a customer through Twitter
  • Check out other awesome social media statistics

Stop in next week to stay up to date with social media – let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for next time!

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